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Get in touch. The trade show motto for Interschutz is not a phrase, but rather a promise. Visitors to the Rosenbauer exhibition booth are also invited to be involved themselves. Whether the laser challenge, which requires participants to accurately control a turret, or exclusive training in driving technique simulators. A 45-minute guided tour with Rosenbauer experts will provide you with an overview of the most important innovations.

Who's the best firefighter? The Laser Challenge is calling!

With the Rosenbauer Laser Challenge, you will not only have the opportunity to prove your mettle as an "extinguishing pro," but also try out the incredibly precise Rosenbauer turret.
The challenge: Two fire fighters battle each other and must put out imaginary fires.
The "extinguisher": Instead of using an extinguishing agent, the fires have to be put out with lasers. The winners: There will be winners of individual duals, a daily winner, and an overall champion.
Prove your extinguishing talent all day long at our exhibition booth near the vehicles. Register now for the Laser Challenge. Register for the Laser Challenge

Training for emergency situations with simulators

Trade show visitors will have the opportunity to train for realistic emergency scenarios in Rosenbauer's driving technique simulators.
The PANTHER tactical simulator provides realistic insight into vehicle handling and the firefighting equipment of a PANTHER. From rolling down a tarmac toward an emergency to extinguishing operations - every scenario can be practiced. Such tactical training sessions better your reaction time and make you quicker, more effective, and safer in dangerous situations.
The ERDS Simulator (Emergency Response Driving Simulator) is used for training in municipal vehicles. Using a virtual city, it allows the trainee to simulate typical dangerous situations that occur during an emergency trip. An original Mercedes-Benz Actros cab on a movable lifting unit reacts to every movement of the steering wheel and ensures extremely realistic exercises.
Test your skill and register for a trip with the simulator.

Guided tours – discover the exhibition booth with experts

Guided tours are for those who are seeking an overview of the Rosenbauer exhibition booth and information about the most important highlights and innovations.
Tours of the exhibition booth are offered every 20 minutes starting at 9:20 a.m. daily. During the 45-minute tour, Rosenbauer experts will provide you with information about new products from all areas.
There is also a tour in English once every hour. The starting point for the tour is the transition area between the Rosenbauer exhibition booth and the outdoor area.
You may secure a spot in advance by registering here: Registration for guided tours