Eight times the most modern technology for the Nürnberg fire department

The most modern and powerful technology coupled with intuitive and simple operation – this is what characterizes the AT from Rosenbauer. Eight structurally identical firefighting vehicles will be used in future operations by the Nürnberg fire department. The newest AT generation impresses with high-end equipment, from the lighting through to the firefighting equipment.

The city of Nürnberg, located in the Bavarian administrative district of Middle Franconia, has 550,000 inhabitants. The local fire departments respond to 6,500 calls per year. The operational scenarios vary widely: there are industrial plants, a harbor, and an airport in the vicinity of Nürnberg. Nürnberg, though, is known first and foremost for its beautiful old town. Its narrow streets, however, represent a special challenge for the fire department.

Powerful firefighting equipment

In the course of switching to a new generation of vehicles, eight older firefighting vehicles will be replaced with the most modern firefighting equipment from Rosenbauer. Associated with this upgrade, of course, is a great amount of progress with regard to the technical refinements of the vehicles. With the Rosenbauer LCS 2.0 (logic control system), nearly everything is controlled centrally, from the lighting to the pump. The equipment compartments are illuminated using LED technology and the COMFORT rotating compartments ensure for optimized removal and secure storage of equipment. Of course, there is no shortage of refinements when it comes to the firefighting equipment: The N35 normal pressure pump is operated by way of a LCS 2.0 display. With an output of 3,000 l/min at 10 bar, it ensures for a more than sufficient water supply in extinguishing operations. A 2,000 l water tank with automatic level regulation and a 200 l foam tank ensure that sufficient extinguishing capacity is available until a water supply is established. For foam extinguishing, an electrically driven DIGIMATIC direct injection foam proportioning system is built into the eight identical ATs. The firefighting vehicles are also equipped with a normal pressure rapid intervention hose reel.

Sophisticated lighting concept with the most modern LED technology and patented Rosenbauer rotating steps

The Nürnberg fire department placed a great deal of value on a sophisticated lighting concept. Night turns to day at any scene using the extendable LED light mast. The roof box and roof of the vehicle are also illuminated with LED technology. LED maneuvering lights are also mounted on the exterior mirrors and the equipment compartments and vehicle surroundings are illuminated with LED spotlights. An additional highlight: An LED traffic warning device is also mounted on the rear of the vehicle.

Also very useful for the operations of the Nürnberg fire department are the patented Rosenbauer rotating steps, which ensure for the safe exit and entry of the vehicle, even when the door can only be opened halfway and while the personnel is wearing heavy breathing protection gear. This feature is especially advantageous in cramped quarters, for example, the narrow streets of Nürnberg's old town.

Extensive additional equipment

The extensive additional equipment of the eight AT that will serve for fire protection in Nürnberg in the future is plain to see. For example, there is a remote start provision inside the vehicle for operating the generator, and the vehicles are equipped with a ladder lowering device and lowering device for SCBA units. A reversing camera helps navigate through narrow quarters.