Did you know that, ...
... stationary extinguishing systems protect the shredding of waste?

As are many other machines that are used in industry, modern shredding systems are associated with high procurement costs. Not only can fires cause substantial damage to machines, but they can also lead to production breakdowns. Through customized extinguishing systems from Rosenbauer, both damage from fires as well as longer production downtimes can be prevented or minimized.


Together with UNTHA, the Austrian shredding specialist, Rosenbauer has developed customized extinguishing systems for shredders. Currently, these stationary systems are available for two of the machines produced by UNTHA: the "XR" pre-shredder was specially developed for coarse and medium shredding of household waste, industrial and commercial waste. The "TR" post-shredder makes sure that material suitable for waste incineration is shredded to a defined size, in order to optimally prepare it for incineration.

How does that work?


The "XR" pre-shredders are equipped with UV/IR detectors, which react to ultraviolet or infrared radiation. This monitors the inlet hopper and the discharge belt of the shredder. This is also where the two extinguishing sections with 4 or 5 extinguishing nozzles are located. In the event of a significant temperature increase, the extinguishing system is able to activate itself automatically and extinguishes the detected location or an alarm is triggered. Then an employee can start a manual extinguishing process.


For "TR" series post-shredders, monitoring functions by means of heat and spark detectors. Here, the extinguishing nozzles not only protect the hopper and discharge belt, but also the sensitive mechanical, hydraulic, and control sections. In the same way as in the "XR" shredders, you can choose between automatic and manual triggering of the extinguishing process.