Close to reality

Racing across the airfield with the multi-ton PANTHER, directly towards a burning aircraft wreckage. Dark plumes of smoke are rising up, flames are licking over the engines. And then you start extinguishing - completely without danger and yet still realistic. How is this possible?


You can already see right at the start how realistic the training feels with the PANTHER tactical simulator as you climb into the original cab of the PANTHER. The cockpit matches every detail of vehicles that has been delivered to airports across the world. If you then get information from the trainer, who accompanies the training in the simulator, you really dive right into the operation. Switching on the engine, starting to move the multi-ton PANTHER and as quickly and effectively as possible bringing the training situation under control, that is the immediate goal. The extreme realism is provided by the 210° screen with eight meters screen diagonal, which are set up in the front of the PANTHER cockpit. A further screen is mounted above the driver's head in place of a roof window. On the front right of the vehicle you can see the monitor represented in true detail, while the STINGER can be seen above your own head.


And then it gets serious. Once you approach the burning aircraft you first have to properly assess the situation. Depending on the scenario, either a burning and upside down wreck awaits you or a smoking plane that was unable to extend its landing gear before landing. Where is the wind coming from? Where shall I start extinguishing from? When you have finally driven the PANTHER to the aircraft from the right direction, you can start extinguishing. The joysticks, with which you control the bumper turret and the STINGER, are of course also built into the cockpit in original design. So: activate the monitor and the pumps and aim at the seat of the fire. Solid jet or spray jet? Should I extinguish with foam or powder? How much water do I have left? To properly manage the operation you have to keep note of many things. You get support from the trainer, who is permanently watching what is happening in training. After every simulated operation it is reviewed. A previously unprecedented review opportunity is offered by the so-called "Flying Eye“. The recorded training can then be analyzed from a bird's eye perspective from all desired viewing angles.

Many dangers on route to the scene

Besides the PANTHER tactical simulator, Rosenbauer also offers another simulator. With the ERDS (Emergency Response Driving Simulator) you can simulate emergency response driving with the firefighting vehicle as realistically as possible.


Your own artificial city has been created by the computer for training with the ERDS. From highways and cross-country roads right down to small and narrow alleys, everything is available. But most important are the other road users. Everything is moving in the fictitious city, from pedestrians to local buses. And these other road users provide the special stimuli in the simulated operational journeys. Will the cyclist pull over to one side in front of me? Will the other vehicles remain stationary if I enter the intersection with flashing lights and horn? The different scenarios can be changed and adapted by the trainer. Thus new and unexpected situations are always being created, with which you are confronted during training.


The whole simulator is housed in a container, so the system can be transported anywhere, at any time. There are two areas in the container itself: for one an original Mercedes Actros cab is installed. The other one is a separate area for the trainer, who controls the training from there and can observe and analyze all the driver's actions. What's special for the ERDS is that the truck cab is installed on a hydraulic lifting unit. Which means that the cab also moves during the simulation and reacts to every movement of the steering wheel.

More realistic training for lower costs

Training with Rosenbauer simulators has many advantages. Simulator operations are clearly much cheaper than real training. Additionally, many scenarios can only be practiced by simulator, as in reality it is hardly possible to regularely set an aircraft on a runway on fire for training purposes. The variety of events that can be imitated by simulator are virtually unlimited. So you can always come up with new training challenges. You can train as often as time allows, without risk and stress. And by the way you are also protecting the environment by saving fuel.



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