In operation under extreme conditions

It can get up to 50 °C in Moomba, located 770 km northeast of Adelaide . Rain is extremely rare, some years it doesn't rain at all. But still people bustle about this place where life is harsh. The reason is easy to find: vast deposits of oil and gas are located deep under the parched ground. The oil fields span an area of 37,000 km2and are thus almost half the size of Austria. Santos Ltd, one of the largest oil and gas producers in Australia, extracts the natural resources. And Santos relies on Rosenbauer's know-how and technology to guarantee safety in the sprawling plant in the Australian Outback. An industrial firefighting vehicle with impressive dimensions and equipped with the latest technology is used for firefighting.

All-terrain. Large water tank volume.

Rosenbauer's engineers were faced with many challenges: On the one hand a fire fighting vehicle was supposed to be built, which had to move large quantities of water with its pumps. And on the other hand the vehicle should still be able to negotiate all terrain and master extreme outdoor conditions. Since its location in the Australian Outback meant not just high temperatures, but also that it would have to travel on unpaved sandy roads most of the time. Which is why the industrial firefighting vehicle for Santos is equipped with a permanent 8x8 drive. The vehicle is built in accordance with Australian standards and complies with the so-called ADR rules (Australian Design Rules).

Extinguishing systems

The place of use – a refinery – naturally requires an appropriate extinguishing system in the vehicle. The outputs of the built-in pumps are impressive. 14,000 l of water per minute can be output at 10 bar. An average size swimming pool would be empty within minutes, when the ILF delivered to Santos activates its pump. The vehicle is equipped with a 2,000 l water and a 4,000 l foam compound tank as well as with the HYDROMATIC foam proportioning system. The refinery has a well constructed hydrant network, which can be connected to if needed.

STINGER boom for efficient firefighting

A further highlight: the STINGER attached to the roof of the industrial firefighting vehicle. This boom extends to 20 m, thus allowing oil containers to be extinguished from a safe distance. The STINGER is equipped with 360° infinite rotation. Extinguishing agent, hydraulics and electrics are fed via a central bushing. A camera is attached to the STINGER. The image is transferred to the radio remote control, so that a precise picture of the situation can be obtained. A RM60 turret is attached on the rear of the vehicle.

In emergency situations, firefighters from Santos must be able to rely on Rosenbauer's technology.


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