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When buying a Rosenbauer fall protection set (fall protection or rescue), you will receive a free voucher for one training day for 2 people! We show you how to safely and successfully use your new fall protection equipment in operation.


Fall protection set security according to DIN 14800-17
With the fall protection set, working in areas with a risk of falling is made possible. Thanks to the design of a powerful safety chain, emergency crews can advance safely in exposed areas.Price: EUR 879.-


Fall protection rescue set according to DIN 14800-16
The fall protection rescue set represents a fast and easy aid to lifting and the controlled unloading of people. For emergency crews, this offers the possibility of working in shafts or of rescuing someone from height who has had an accident (scaffolding/crane), for example.
Price: EUR 1025.-




Along with your fall protection set, you will received a voucher for EUR 175.00 (2 persons per fire department) for the free participation in a fall protection training session on 06/18/2014 or on 09/02/2014 in the Height Workshop in Wels, Austria.

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Conditions of participation:The participant must be of age, know how to use breathing protection and be responsible for training in your own fire department. Limited number of participants: maximum 20 persons per session.


Notice: This event is not a substitute for a complete training course in the area of rescue from height.