Three new large tank firefighting trucks for the Vienna fire department

Power and performance in a compact design

Vienna's fire department is called out to around 100 operations per day. Or to put it another way: Every 15 minutes, one of more task forces are alerted. In the more than 400 km2 large city area, they must be prepared for many different scenarios, from kitchen fires right through to accidents in large industrial plants. The large tank firefighting trucks that were recently put into service ensure large quantities of fire fighting water, foam, or also dry powder in the event of a fire. With the powerful pumps, the fire fighting water can be transported across wide distances to the scene. Especially for fires in industrial plants, large amounts of foam and a dry powder unit are available.
But not only must the firefighting equipment meet the requirements of the Vienna fire department, but also the vehicle itself. The three new GTFs were built on a SCANIA G480 with 480 hp. Two driven rear axles, above which is the tank, and a steered trailing axle ensure for good grip and perfect driving characteristics due the tandem arrangement. Despite the numerous challenges and extensive equipment, the GTF concept still came out in the most compact form possible. The compact design has already proven itself in Vienna: In total, 32 maneuverable vehicles of the AT series are in use with the fire department in Austria's capital city. The city design of these ATs makes it possible to maneuver the vehicles well in the narrow alleys of the city center.

Extinguishing agent for all occasions

The three new GTFs are equipped with an N100 extinguishing pump, which is supplied with water via four suction inlets at the rear or the submersible pumps provided. This can output up to 10,000 l of water per minute at 10 bar. 10,000 l is also stored in the water tanks, with which the GTF is equipped. Thanks to the two separate foam compound tanks, the HYDROMATIC und DIGIMATIC foam compound pressure proportioner can produce large amounts of fire fighting foam, if required. A total of 500 kg of flame fire powder are available for extinguishing. An RM60C water monitor is attached to the roof of the GTF. This can output up to 6,000 l of water or a water-foam mix per minute onto the seat of the fire and at a distance of up to 100 m. The turret can be operated via remote control.
A built-in generator is responsible for supplying the power, which can be operated via the rear display. It is driven via a PTO of the gearing and delivers 40 kVA. Two self-rewinding cable drums each with 50 m of cable and full rubber distributor ensure the supply of power on the scene. Two LED floodlights installed on the rear and eight LED floodlights on each side of the vehicle ensure good illumination of the scene. An LED road hazard traffic control device is also available at the rear.

Reduced training effort through uniform operation

The GTFs were developed in close cooperation between a working group of the Vienna fire department and Rosenbauer. Another reason why the large tank firefighting trucks from Rosenbauer were selected was the easy and intuitive operation of the vehicles, explained DI Thomas Huber, person responsible for the vehicle procurement of the Vienna fire department: "The easy and intuitive operation via display is very similar to that of the AT vehicles. For us, this means less need for training and also has huge advantages in operation. The firefighters can be used for a wider variety of tasks and efficient handling of the vehicles is possible at any time." With nearly 1,700 firefighters in total working at the 24 firehouses in Vienna, this argument is indisputable. 500 firefighters are ready simultaneously for 24 hours each and ensure the safety of the Austrian federal capital.