When it Gets Cramped: The Rosenbauer XS 3.0

Little space required for installation, many possibilities in operation. The exceptional maneuverability and multi-functional cage make the XS 3.0 turntable ladder the ideal aerial rescue vehicle in urban areas. This is also the prevailing opinion in Fulda, in the German state of Hesse.


Almost 70,000 people live in Fulda, the historic center of the Upper Hesse region. The fire department is divided into the 70-strong professional fire department and the volunteer fire department with about 400 volunteers. 2500 operations are carried out every year, most of them assistance operations. But the Fulda fire department is also called out to almost 400 firefighting operations per year - that is one operation per day on average.


The requirements profile for the new aerial rescue vehicle was derived from the experience gained in thousands of operations. The new turntable ladder had to have a large cage for five people, be equipped with a holder for a stretcher, and also be very maneuverable. A profile of requirements to which Rosenbauer's XS 3.0 is perfectly tailored.


Less Space – Larger Range

The XS 2.0 was already impressive in terms of its extremely low space requirements for setting up the turntable ladder. With the XS 3.0, the required range became even more flexible, and the horizontal reach values could even be increased. A height of more than 23 meters can be reached with one person in the cage. This gives firefighters access to locations that were previously inaccessible by turntable ladders.


Rescue, Extinguishing & Even more

The multi-functional HR-500 MF rescue cage can accommodate up to five people, and four entry points make it easy to access even in difficult positions or for injured, frail, or disabled people. In rescue operations, the stretcher support, with which a stretcher can be anchored to the cage floor, also proves its worth. Injured persons can thus not only be transported safely, but also optimally cared for at the same time.


The XS 3.0 also provides great support during firefighting operations thanks to the permanently installed water turret. For operations in the dark, the area of operation can be optimally illuminated via the lighting on the cage floor. The exceptional stability of the ladder also means that it can be used to lift loads weighing several tons, which extends the range of applications of the XS 3.0 even further.


The fire department in Fulda is delighted to have received a vehicle in the form of the Rosenbauer XS 3.0 that absolutely meets their expectations: "The XS 3.0 impresses with its reliable technology, wide range of applications, and the high capacity of the rescue cage. And it's also visually very appealing and a real eye-catcher."