The PANTHER stretching its paw

Long range, large range of motion, outstanding extinguishing performance: The STINGER HRET turns the PANTHER into an even more versatile and efficient ARFF vehicle. This was one of the decisive arguments for the Senai airport managers in Malaysia in opting for the flagship of the Rosenbauer fleet.


Senai Airport in western Malaysia not only handles more than three million passengers each year, but it is also one of the largest cargo airports in the region. The airport fire department provides safety throughout the extensive territory of the airport - for passengers and the many employees alike. The foam fire fighting vehicles already in operation are now receiving support in the form of a PANTHER.


In addition to its general abilities in terms of driving and extinguishing performance, the people in charge of the airport fire department were particularly impressed with the STINGER HRET. It yields more efficient and faster extinguishing, less consumption of extinguishing agent, and, above all, increased safety for firefighters, passengers, and employees.

Excellent extinguishing performance

The RM 65 turret, situated at the end of the HRET, ensures outstanding extinguishing performance. In transport position, the output is 6,000 l/min and the throwing distance reaches an impressive 90 meters. When the STINGER is fully extended, 3,800 l/min can still be achieved, and the maximum throw range will only be minimally reduced to 85 meters.


In combination with proper positioning, the extinguishing performance can be utilized exactly where it is needed. The STINGER can rotate through a total of 60° (30° left and right). At the touch of a button, three pre-set positions can be recalled quickly and automatically, and likewise the HRET can be automatically returned to its original position. The STINGER is controlled from the safety of the cab via an intuitive joystick.


The STINGER is equipped with a piercing tool, which has its own drive and firing mechanism and is hydraulically positioned and moved forward. This allows for exact positioning at any angle. The entire vertical rotational range is 180°.


Due to the high level of air freight traffic in Senai Airport, there is an increased risk of fire in the cargo areas of aircraft. Previously, cargo containers had to be unloaded from the aircraft before firefighting operations could begin.


Due to the flexible pivoting range of the piercing lance, it can now be precisely placed using a docking sensor, and the piercing gun can easily pierce through composite materials used on the latest aircraft types with an extinguishing capacity of 1,000 l/min.

"The PANTHER allows you to position the HRET much closer to the seat of the fire. This ensures more safety, faster extinguishing, and faster evacuation of the passengers, if necessary," delights a Senai Airport representative about the new PANTHER and STINGER HRET.