All-round peace of mind with Service ALL-IN

Rosenbauer is a leader not only in the development and manufacture of firefighting vehicles and other products. For the best possible performance in operation, regular maintenance is also essential. For over four years, the Rosenbauer Service department has been looking after the vehicle fleet at the airport in Doha, thus ensuring its 100% readiness.


Perfectly matched to the respective vehicles and equipment, punctual, predictive, and spontaneous and as fast as possible if needed: That's Service ALL-IN, tailor-made support from Rosenbauer. More than 20 million passengers pass through Doha Airport each year. The constant and complete readiness of the airport fire department is a decisive factor in the ability to handle the huge volume of flights smoothly. The on-site support provided by Rosenbauer technicians is crucial to ensuring that the operational readiness of the fleet is maintained at all times.


Perfect planning for minimal downtime

The tasks begin with daily routine checks, including scheduled maintenance, and include quick remedying of any unplanned repair works that may be required. The customer - in this case Doha Airport - places the responsibility completely in the hands of Rosenbauer. A service technician is permanently stationed at the airport and makes sure that everything goes smoothly in coordination with a local team. Particularly important is the efficient planning of the service work necessary to keep the downtime of the affected vehicles and equipment to a minimum. 


No worries for the customers

Customers who use the ALL-IN Service reap many benefits: The vehicle fleet is not only well-maintained and state-of-the-art, but Rosenbauer also places them under factory warranty. Full operational readiness is also an important argument, because without Rosenbauer's comprehensive service work the airport could be threatened with "downgrading" as a result of vehicle unavailability, which would have an enormous impact on flight operations. 


Spare parts are also delivered as quickly as possible, of course. This not only applies to standard wearing parts, but also to unexpected repairs - such as those incurred as a result of accidental damage. Should a vehicle be out of service for a longer period of time, of course Rosenbauer can also provide a replacement. 


Very satisfied for many years

The relevant personnel at Doha Airport is impressed with the service partnership with Rosenbauer and has been highly satisfied for more than four years: Thanks to the continuous and conscientious care, the vehicles are ready for deployment at any time. This comprehensive service is also provided by Rosenbauer at many other airports around the globe.


With the ALL-IN service, Rosenbauer provides the perfect package for complete and integrated support for all vehicle, equipment, and payload matters. And individually tailored to the needs of customers. This ensures that you can get the maximum in terms of reliability, performance, and service life from the products.