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30. julio 2020
Our innovations revolutionize the field of fire and catastrophe prevention – right before your eyes
Now available in the Rosenbauer Fanshop
Feierliche Übergabe der B45FA 2.0
A new cage operating panel simulator rounds off the virtual classroom for turntable ladder training
Four PANTHER for Nepal
What needs to be considered in addition to legal issues?
Mobile information system for quick and safe accident response
22. junio 2020
Rosenbauer's new guiding principle
Digital, fully integrated operations management solutions combined with top of the line DJI models
New environmental protection equipment truck for the Henkel Plant Fire Department
The story of Anthony Chapman - Fire Captain, San Diego County, California
Rosenbauer at Stuttgart Airport


Inside Rosenbauer
CEO Dieter Siegel in an interview about the new guiding principle "Everything for that moment"
We make room for new products
The complete digital system for networking the fire brigade
Rosenbauer presents the prototype of the fire engine of the future
High-end vehicles for fire services in Canberra, Tasmania and Queensland
30. abril 2020
Equipment truck for hazardous substances (GW-G) for Infraserv Höchst-Gruppe
4th generation PANTHER was put into service at the beginning of March
New items in the Rosenbauer Online Fanshop
20 turntable ladders for the Polish state fire department
Cooperation between leading manufacturers of firefighting and drone technology

Rosenbauer Service Karlsruhe

Inside Rosenbauer
Service for aerial rescue devicesin a new dimension
Face shield for all head sizes, including wearers of glasses
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Die logische Konsequenz

Inside Rosenbauer
Der AT in seiner dritten Generation
17. marzo 2020
Eight 8x8 PANTHERs for Munich Airport

A success story

New in action
Delivery of the 300th STINGER
11 POLY SKID SL200 extinguishing systems for Dubai Civil Defense


New in action
Unique logistics vehicle for Reichenau volunteer fire department
New items in the Rosenbauer Online Fanshop

From idea to success

Inside Rosenbauer
Changes in vehicle technology pioneered by the Rosenbauer AT
Designed and developed for the fire department of tomorrow
Comprehensive stationary solution for the AWG Bassum waste disposal center
12. febrero 2020
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Florida is the destination of PANTHER No. 2,000

Beginning for Kuwait

New in action
Two sets of E8000 escape stairs

Well protected

New in action
250 FIRE MAX 3 for the Storkow Fire Department
20,000th FOX in action in northern Germany
Interschutz 2020: Welcome to Rosenbauer City

Touring the US and Canada

Inside Rosenbauer
The CFT in North America
A 5-part video series about the AT's origins and success story
The first infrared early fire detection system with laser distance measurement