LD 3


Suitable for detection of people trapped under debris after e.g. earthquakes. This modern system is equipped with built-in high-tech features to help you locate survivors quickly. By positioning up to 6 of the sturdy and highly responsive seismic-acoustic sensors of the LifeDetector at strategically selected locations on a rubble pile, it is possible to pick up even minor structural vibrations caused by any victim moving tapping, scratching, or calling out.

Special features:

  • The main unit features splash-water proof construction, wide dynamic range, multi-channel display, and powerful filtering, all in a small, energy-efficient package.
  • An auxiliary connector provides a remote control input and data output as well as the analogue signals from channels A and B.
  • The robust sensors cover seismic and acoustic frequencies and can be attached easily in any position.
  • A built-in, automatic self-test checks connected sensor and/or intercom probe, and also checks battery power.
  • The complete system comes in a six sensor configuration.
  • The system also includes an intercom probe for the detection of airborne sound in voids and bi-directional communications with a victim. A second intercom probe can be connected and provided upon request.
  • The complete system, also comprises 2 pairs of splash-proof headphones, 6 sensors with 10 m cables, a 3 m hasty search cable, 2 rechargeable batteries with charger, sensor spikes and magnetic clamps as well as a battery connection cable.
  • Case for basic accessories and carrying bag for the LifeDetector is also included.

Weight: 25 kg

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