Certified as to EN 943:2002, part 1. Medium duty, gas-tight and chemical proof suit for use against all common chemicals and gases. Styled as an expanded back, total encapsulating suit, to integrate with a SCBA set, that is worn inside. The suit can be fitted with an internal ventilation system. The suit's material is based on a polyamide fabric, coated on both sides with Butyl, and then completed with a Viton coating on the outside. The suit features one pair of welded heavy-duty PVC boots. These boots feature a puncture resistant stainless steel midsole and steel toe. The suit also features a pair of gastight heavy duty five finger gloves, made of coated neoprene. Seams between suit and gloves resp. suit and boots are double welded, to prevent risk of leakage. Fly-front with heavy-duty, gas tight zipper. Raglan sleeves. Seams are lapped shielded and electronically double welded. Integrated hood.
Colour: bright orange.
Available sizes: M, L, XL, XXL.
Weight: approx. 9 kg


número de artículo 411211