Certified as to EN 943-1:2002 and 943-2:2002. Heavy duty, gas-tight and chemical proof suit for use against all common chemicals and gases. Styles as expanded back, total encapsulating suit to integrate with self-contained breathing apparatus that is worn inside. Manufactured of double BUTYL coated polyamide fabric, completed with a VITON coating on the outside.
Features a pair of gastight connected five finger gloves manufactured of coated neoprene and one pair of welded heavy- duty PVC boots. Boots feature a puncture resistant stainless steel midsole and steel toe. Designed to be worn over regular work clothes. Can be decontaminated after each use. The suit can be fitted with an internal ventilation system. Fly-front with heavy-duty, gas tight zipper. Raglan sleeves. Seams are lapped shielded and electronically double welded (seams between gloves, boots, and suit are double welded to prevent risk of leakage). Integrated hood.
Colour: bright yellow.
Available sizes: L, XL, XXL.
Weight: 7.2 kg

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