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17. November 2021
Escape stair in new top form
Table and wall calendars are available now
L32A-XS on Volvo FE Electric
The development of the BOROS B4
Launch of the PANTHER in the USA
17. October 2021
Discover the world of PANTHER from a new perspective
New models of PANTHER, AT and turntable ladder as well as a snack box are now available
Extinguishing system for HV batteries in electric vehicles

Digitalization @ Rosenbauer

Inside Rosenbauer
Learn more


In detail
Dangers - Risks - Protection in fire service operations
Vossko relies on comprehensive fire protection from Rosenbauer
14. September 2021

The PANTHER in Atlanta

New in action
Rosenbauer ARFF flagship secures America's No. 1 airport

More than sight

In detail
Thermal imaging cameras for more safety during inside fire attack
Foam agent expert in an interview about retrofitting stationary extinguishing systems
General overhaul of a small fire-fighting vehicle on a Pinzgauer chassis
New 24/7 purchasing platform for fire departments and blue light organizations
76 off-road specialty vehicles on the Tatra T-815-7 4x4 Force
Berlin Fire Department in an interview about the RT
22. June 2021
PANTHER 6x6 for the PCK refinery in Schwedt
The HEROS H30 firefighting helmet
The RT was honoured in the "Product Design" category at this year's Red Dot Award
Many Fanshop items at discounted prices
Why only an integrated approach will work in future
Efficient and easy-to-operate extinguishing systems are essential for tunnel safety
18. May 2021
The RTE AX B16 battery-powered fan
Two new PANTHER models are now available
Comprehensive sustainability program presented for the coming years
Learn more about the duties of a sprinkler controller
The RTE FX in operation inreal fire tests lasting several days
The portable CAFS fire extinguisher RFC POLY Portex
Now available in a new design