1 BAG = 20 KG


Suitable for land and sea operations. Buoyant, and non slippery on road surfaces. It is a dry oil binder with absorbent carrier substances. It distributes itself evenly and without forming lumps, even on agitated water, and is combustible with a low ash content. The oil binder is environment-friendly and harmless to people, animals and plants. On the surface of water, the mineral oil is separated from the water; in the soil, the oil is prevented from advancing uncontrollably. Non-slippery on solid surfaces, thus also suitable for use on roads and highways.
Areas of Use: On clam or flowing water, in sewage purfication plants, for cleaning oil tanks, after oil road-tanker accidents, in industry, workshops, refineries, at airfields and on all kinds of roads.
To remove oil pollution from water surface and in sewage treatment plants, it is scattered onto the surface of the water, either by hand or by special appliances, and is then skimmes off with a sieve-type shovel or drawn up by machine. In flowing water, it is trapped by oil barriers so that it can then be skimmed off. Being higly bouyant, it floats back up to the surface even of turbulent fast-flowing water, whether oil-saturated or as an oil-free excess. Shelf Life ramains effective for an unlimited period of time.
Supplied as powder in 20 kg (= 85 l) plastic bags.
Weight: 20 kg

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