1 BAG = 20 KG


Suitable for land operations. It is an absorption agent that soaks up liquids such as oils, fats, fuels, chemicals etc., thereby preventing injury and damage not only in e.g. the manufacturing and shipping fields but also on roads and highways. The small granular size increases the oil absorption, making this oilbinder type particularly cost-effective. This oil binder grade also stands out for its excellent non-skid characterestics. Supplied PE valve sacks, contents 20 kg = 36 l
When stored in dry conditions, it remains effective for an unlimited period of time.
Areas of use: Industrial operations, power stations, mineral-oil distributors, filling stations, garages, workshops, tank-cleaning operations, paint and dye industries, chemical industry, fire brigades, highway maintenance departments. Weight: 20 kg

número de artículo 918000