According to EN 12115:2006, electrically conductive. Ideal hose for nearly all chemicals up to temperatures of +90° C, sterilisable at +130° C for max. 30 minuets. Not resistant to oleum, bromine or chlorosulphonic acid.
Inner liner: UPE, black, smooth, conductive
Plies: Polyamide textile plies, with steel wire spiral
Cover: EPDM, black, conductive, abrasion-resistant, ozone and UV resistant, all-through spiral identification with blue-white spiral.
Operating pressure up to 10 bar, bursting pressure min. 48 bar, with M8 earth connection and unoseable wing-nut made of V4A, bolt-together coupling collars with stainless-steel half-round sections.
DN 50 with stainless steel tank wagon coupling. Wall thickness 7 mm, bending radius 300 mm, female coupling 50 sealing-ring piece with VITON seal-form GSD - at one end, and male coupling 50 curved piece at the other end.
Weight: 24 kg

número de artículo 912736