PUMP TUBE F 430 PP - 50/38
1000 MM LONG


Only suitable for non flammable liquids.

Example of suitable liquids at 20°C: Acetic acid, fruit acid, lactic acid, formic acid, boric acid, hydroflouric acid, hydrichloric acid, sulphuric acid tanning extracts, sodium hydroxide, caustic potash solution, photo developers and fixers, thin oils, thinned bone glues, soap solutuin, liquid manures, glycerine glucose, glycol, copper chloride chromic acid, ammoniumpersulphate, distilled water and many others. Temperature range up to approx. 50°C / 122° F (short periods). Pump tube set material: Polypropylen. Outer tube diameter: 50 mm. Impeller diameter: 38 mm. Thread of hose connection: R 1 1/4". Weight: 1.8 kg


número de artículo 912662