PUMP TUBE "F 430 S 41/38"
1000 MM LONG


Suitable and approved for Zone 0.

Example of suitable liquids at 20° C: Acetone, petrol, test petrol, solvents, synthetic resin spray paint, trichlorethylene, perchlorethylene, food, fruit juice, sald oil, milk, salmmoniac, sodium hydroxide, potash lyebone glue, sulphuric acid (up to 7,5% and above 96%, F 430 S 2 is not suitable for sulphuric acid), nitric acid (up to 60%), various nitrating acids, and distilled water.

Temperature range up to approx. 120°C / 248° F (short periods). Pump tube set material: Stainless steel (1,4571). Impeller materials ETFE. Outer tube diameter: 41 mm. Impeller diameter: 38 mm. Thread of hose connection: R 1 1/4". Weight: 3.3 kg

Flow range up to 240 l/ min

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