Perfectly equipped for emergencies involving hazardous materials - EMEREC in operation at the Traun Fire Department

Over 400 deployments per year, a service area that is inhabited by around 150,000 people, and home to the Linz-Land district control center when needed: The Traun Fire Department, near the Upper Austrian capital of Linz, faces various challenges, especially also those involving hazardous materials. The EMEREC operations management system from Rosenbauer plays a decisive role when it comes to mastering these.

In 2015, Traun Fire Department relocated to its new fire station. At the same time, one of the most up-to-date district warning centers in Upper Austria was set up in order to meet the constantly growing demands. The smooth forwarding of information is the most important aspect of such an operations center. To ensure this, the leadership of Traun Fire Department decided, after an extensive test phase, to use the complete EMEREC product range.

Software in support of operational tactics

The alarm visualization via the EMEREC Alarm Monitor, the smartphone-based solution of EMEREC Mobile and the operational management software EMEREC Pilot are all used in combination during deployments. As a district fire department for hazardous substances, EMEREC plays an important role in this context. The software support not only saves a great deal of time in an emergency, but the operational tactics and any necessary medical care can also be adapted to the respective dangers.

Propagation models in real time

Traun Fire Department relies on the Memplex system. This is the essential hazardous substances software for the tactical, technical, and medical handling of accidents involving hazardous substances. In addition, this software combines a comprehensive hazardous substances database, with calculations and presentations of propagation models of the respective substances. Thus, the danger radius of toxic gases or combustible substances can be graphically represented. Memplex automatically sends the calculated models to EMEREC via an interface in order to display them on the respective end devices. Vector maps, satellite maps, or even regional GIS maps offer the appropriate surface for optimal visualization.

In concrete applicational scenarios, the spreading cloud of a poisonous gas is displayed not only on the screens in the district control center, but also in real time on the tablets in the respective emergency vehicles. The chief of operations at the location of the incident has an important and constantly up-to-date decision-making basis for further actions, such as the placement of the emergency services or the evacuation of neighboring buildings. Should the latter be necessary, EMEREC also offers extensive information on nearby buildings and other important details on the map, enabling you to get a quick overview. Potentially affected areas can be visualized quickly, and the necessary measures can be initiated just as fast. During the test phase and after the permanent implementation of EMEREC, the system is now in active use at Traun Fire Department and in the district warning center. EMEREC offers tremendously helpful support, especially for the hazardous substances unit, thanks to the simple operation and the extensive application possibilities.