WARNING: This Face Cover is NO Personal Protective Equipment, it is NOT an approved Eye- or Face Protector and does NOT meet any standard requirements whatsoever!

Do NOT use this product as an occupational safety equipment.

Before and after each use all parts of this product must be checked for any damages.

NEVER USE this product if it is fully or partly damaged, showing cracks, scratches, sharp edges or any other visible damages or missing parts.

To prevent the shield from fogging causing visual impairment it is recommended to use a suitable anti-fog agent as available on the market for glasses.

The user alone is fully responsible to decide if this product is suitable and can be used for the intended purpose safely and without any risks following a comprehensive risk assessment by the user.

NEVER use this product as a toy, keep it away from children.

The manufacturer, Rosenbauer International AG, Paschinger Straße 90, 4060 Leonding, Austria, gives no assurances whatsoever regarding product properties and Rosenbauer CANNOT be held responsible for any damages whatsoever.

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