8. agosto 2018

Recall Li-Ion batteries ADALIT lamps

Detailed information regarding product recall

Recall Li-Ion batteries for ADALIT lamps L-3000 (art. no. 306391) and L-3000 Power (art. no. 306392)

Enclosed please find an important information of the manufacturer of ADALIT lamps, ADARO Tecnologia S.A., ES – 33203 Gijón-Asturias, concerning the GLOBAL RECALL of Li-Ion batteries for ADALIT lamps L-3000 (part no 306391) and L-3000 Power (part no 306392).


As mentioned in ADARO´s letter a special website has been installed where all customers and endusers will receive all informations how to proceed and how to get new batteries if needed.


Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause !