Compact Technology 

Compact. Flexible. Powerful.

The name says it all: Compact Technology stands for the very compact and at the same time very powerful municipal vehicles from Rosenbauer. Well thought-out and modern technological concepts enable the combination of high performance and small dimensions as well as low weight. 


Impresses with

  • Amazingly low body weight
  • Large usable space
  • Low body, entry and removal heights
  • High degree of flexibility for interior design
  • Perfectly matched firefighting equipment

CT Frame: Lots of space with low weight

The challenge for many municipal fire departments is great: an emergency vehicle should not only transport firefighting equipment, but also as much gear and rescue personnel as possible. Yet it should not be particularly high, wide, or heavy. The CT Frame from Rosenbauer meets these requirements, because the concept allows it to be built on light chassis. There are even configurations that can be controlled by drivers with a C1 driver's license (up to 7.5 t).

Body concept

The light and space-saving sandwich construction of the CT Frame makes it possible to produce a torsion-resistant large structure from a load-bearing shell with a low material thickness. This is achieved with just a few interior longitudinal and transverse panels and a self-supporting floor unit with an integrated subframe - and at the same time guarantees maximum safety and the highest level of comfort.

Optimized live load

The unique combination of modern materials, innovative connection technologies, and ingenious superstructures not only creates a lot of space for the crew and equipment, but also maximizes the available payload. The structure of the CT Frame is very low and narrow, or in other words: extremely compact. This is made possible, for example, through roller shutters that reach down to the floor, which means that there is no need for climbing aids such as hinged steps. For one goal: maximum use of space.

The advantages of low height

The advantages are obvious. When used in urban areas with narrow streets and low clearance heights, in narrow tunnels, or on narrow mountain roads: with a compact vehicle, emergency crews can easily get through. In addition, the low height means that equipment can be removed safely and conveniently from the floor. The same applies to the crew entering and exiting.

Driving stability and extremely maneuverable

The low center of gravity gives the CT Frame impressive driving stability. Thanks to its compact dimensions and very short wheelbases (optional), the vehicle also impresses with excellent maneuverability. Thanks to the well thought-out modular system, the CT Frame offers many options for the individual design of the structure, interior fittings and loading solutions. Every fire department can configure the vehicle the way it suits them. The CT Frame is available on various chassis and in versions with a total weight of 5 to 14 tons.

Four different body widths

Rosenbauer offers the CT Frame in four widths: from a minimum of 2,100 mm to 2,220 mm and 2,350 mm up to an impressive 2,500 mm.


The CT Frame offers large storage spaces and large roller shutters on the sides, which can be optionally operated manually or electrically. Thanks to the well thought-out modular system, a maximum of equipment can be stored clearly arranged and safely in up to four full-height lockers without obstructing body panels or cross braces. The CT Frame also offers customer-friendly flexibility in terms of the interior design as all shelves are continuously adjustable.

Crew cab

Variability in the crew cab

With the CT Frame you can choose between a chassis twin cabin or a crew cab with two different cabin lengths, which is integrated into the superstructure. 

The CT Frame also offers a lot when it comes to the crew cab. The superstructure was not only developed on chassis with a twin cabin (CDK), the CT Frame also features an integrated twin cab (IDK). With the IDK, Rosenbauer can make full use of its expertise and provide fire departments with the optimal space solution.

CDK: simple and cost-effective

The chassis twin cabin offers space for a crew of 1+5. In the basic version, the crew cabin has four seats facing the direction of travel. Other variants can also be shown as an option. Integration of the SCBA holder in the seat allows the self-contained breathing apparatus to be put on easily and comfortably while driving and ensures optimal preparation for the emergency call.

IDK: safety, space, and comfort

The Rosenbauer twin cabs integrated into the superstructure offer the highest level of safety, space, and comfort. The even, continuous cabin floor minimizes the risk of stumbling, the continuous roof lining prevents bumping the head. In addition, the interior is made of high-quality plastic molded parts and a dirt-resistant, easy-to-clean, and skid-resistant plastic floor. Illuminated LED handrails under the inside of the roof and handrails near the doors provide additional support.The IDK also offers many practical stowage and storage compartments. Equipment can be stored in cleverly integrated storage spaces, such as under the bench.



Logic Control System

Intuitive operation and reliable monitoring

With LCS, installed devices and integrated systems from pump to generator can be operated intuitively, and operating states can be recorded quickly. All functions are color-coded, the main operating path is highlighted in color and runs from top to bottom. This allows each operator to find their way around the control panel immediately. The LCS includes a 10" high-resolution display as well as a smaller 3.5" display, an endless rotary key with print function (DIGIPOT), and various key panels.

Firefighting equipment

Firefighting equipment "made by Rosenbauer"

Rosenbauer has developed a large selection of extremely high-performance extinguishing systems that are perfect for integration into the lightweight and space-saving structures of the CT Frame. The development of the body along with the development of the firefighting equipment makes Rosenbauer unique and guarantees the perfect interaction of the components in the vehicle. This is what ensures maximum extinguishing performance in operation. Moreover, Rosenbauer extinguishing systems stand for unrivaled robustness and maximum service life - for an extinguishing system that always functions perfectly.

Perfect operation: everything in sight, everything under control

The firefighting equipment is operated ergonomically and simply via the control panel in the pump compartment. Depending on requirements, the operating elements are electronic or mechanical. The display elements are arranged clearly above the operating elements.

Foam proportioning systems

The Fixmix mechanical around-the-pump foam proportioning system can be integrated into the pump and then automatically adjusts the foam compound quantity to the flow rate. Operation is manual or via the LCS. Three proportioning ratios can be set on the normal pressure side. An electronic control is also available as an option, which displays the flow rates and optimally adjusts the proportioning to the viscosity of each foam compound. With the high pressure Fixmix, foam compounds can be added purely on the high pressure side. The system works mechanically, is maintenance-free, and completely integrated into pumps of the NH series. With a proportioning ratio of 0.5%, 1%, 3% or 6%, foam on the high pressure side and water on the normal pressure side can be discharged simultaneously.

The electronically-controlled Variomatic direct injection proportioning system is characterized by its multi-channel capability. The foam proportioning can be controlled separately for each outlet according to requirements. In the Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS), water and foam compound are already foamed when mixed with compressed air. This foam can be thrown especially far. The RFC CAFS from Rosenbauer is particularly compact, easy to use and safe to use. The UHPS technology (Ultra High Pressure System) is adapted to the requirements of extremely fast firefighting. At a pressure of 100 bar, optimum atomization is achieved while simultaneously conveying a sufficiently large quantity of water (38 l/min). The UHPS is equipped as standard with a 60 m high-pressure hose

Integrated portable fire pump

Rosenbauer uses the in-house portable pumps FOX and FOX S for portable pumps with water tanks (TSF-W / KLF-W). The portable fire pump is installed at the rear of the CT Frame on an inclined extension or lowering system and connected directly to the water tank. Thanks to an integrated exhaust gas routing, the portable pump can be operated directly in the body and offers almost the same options as a classic built-in pump.

FOX and FOX S: high performance with low weight

With 1,750 l/min at 10 bar in external suction mode, the FOX offers the highest performance at a weight of only 166 kg. It also impresses with its simple operation via LCS. The smaller version FOX S still offers high performance with 1,050 l/min at 10 bar in external suction mode, but weighs only 150 kg. Here, too, operation is via LCS. Optionally, the control panel can also be attached to the side or a second control panel in the vehicle for better operation. A foam proportioning system with proportioning rates of 0.5% to 6% can also be integrated in the FOX and FOX S.


Good visibility is a basic requirement for safety in action. This is why Rosenbauer attaches particular importance to an optimal lighting concept for the CT Frame.

Safety through visibility

The near and far scene lighting integrated in the roof gallery as well as the rear ambient lighting placed in the crown or spotlights placed on the front ensure extensive illumination of the entire work area. State-of-the-art LED strips are used. They not only shine brightly, but also glare-free and avoid the formation of shadows. A blue LED strip can be integrated over the entire length of the roof gallery and controlled with the flash/light function.

Flexible light around the vehicle

With the CT Frame, a pneumatically extendable telescopic mast brings light directly to the point of use. The latest generation of high-performance LEDs achieves maximum light output with the lowest possible power consumption. The floodlights can be moved, i.e., rotated and swiveled, and are built into the head of the light mast. The light mast is easy to operate via the display or remote control.

Compartment lighting: everything immediately at hand

LED strips in all equipment compartment openings, both across the top and on the sides, illuminate the entire equipment room better than ever before. In this way, the emergency crews can immediately see where each piece of equipment is located: for speed in action and minimal risk of injury. The modern LED technology guarantees optimum safety, color recognition, and zero glare.