Swap body vehicles
Roll-off containers

Highest level of operational flexibility

Certain operational scenarios require various sorts of vehicle equipment. Rosenbauer roll-off containers on swap body trucks are the most efficient solution for the highest flexibility for the transportation and storage of equipment that is only needed in certain situations. You don't need specially equipped operational vehicles any more and are well prepared for special operations.

Impresses with

  • Flexible division of the equipment compartments
  • Variable interior design thanks to COMFORT stowage system
  • LED lighting technology
  • Powerful firefighting equipment

Body concept

Rosenbauer puts together customized roll-off containers for every customer - from the base model right through to the top of the range: The substructure for each roll-off container is an L-base frame in accordance with the valid DIN standards. Depending on the requirements and the body concept, additional reinforcements can provide sufficient bearing capacity and stiffness even for heavy-duty roll-off containers.


On the L-base frames the desired body will be built in the standardized overall lengths of 5,900 mm or 6,900. Depending on usage purposes the roll-off containers will be manufactured in sandwich construction, sheet metal construction or in aluminum ribbed construction.

Interior design

There are numerous design options for the interior layout. Thanks to the COMFORT stowage system the equipment is individually and safely stored. If the usage purpose changes after a few years, the roll-off containers can simply be converted thanks to the screw connections.


Depending on the requirements the lighting equipment can be implemented with the latest LED technology. In combination with a 24 V battery pack the roll-off container can also be used autonomously in darkness.

Purpose of use

Operations that firefighters respond to vary considerably. For each operation there are special items of equipment that must be brought to the scene as quickly as possible. Thanks to the variously equipped roll-off container, the required equipment can quickly be brought to the scene of operations with just one vehicle.




Swap body - Decon: as roll-off container for transporting decon material or also as roll-off container with integrated showers along with water supply


Swap body rescue: with a large amount of additional equipment


Swap body hazmat: for the storage of equipment for operations with hazardous substances


Swap body hose reel: for the storage and transport of hose material to ensure the water supply


Swap body logistics: as tarpaulin or box body design, with or without vertical loading lift for flexible transport of material


Swap body water, swap body water/foam, swap body foam: to supply operational vehicles with extinguishing agent, with or without own pump system