Extinguishing systems

Extinguishing systems for rapid fire attack

The RFC POLY extinguishing systems are powerful, compact and energy independent. They feature CAFS technology, are immediately ready for use and highly effective in fighting small and incipient fires. The POLY extinguishers from Rosenbauer are available as portable CAFS fire extinguishers, mobile CAFS fire extinguishers and universal SKID modules.


Impresses with

  • High-performance CAFS technology
  • Application-optimized design
  • Consistent Model Range


Portable CAFS extinguisher



Extinguishers for universal use


RFC POLY Trolley

Drivable CAFS extinguisher


Highly effective CAFS technology

Firefighting with compressed air foam
The RFC POLY extinguishing systems work with CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System) technology. They produce highquality compressed air foam which has a very homogeneous structure as well as a high energy content. With compressed air foam, fast and effective extinguishing success can be achieved - especially when fighting small and incipient fires of fire classes A and B.

First-class extinguishing effect
Compressed air foam is produced through active foam expansion of a water/foam compound mixture using compressed air in a mixing chamber. A single water drop is distributed across multiple foam bubbles, which results in a larger surface area for heat absorption. A large part of the water bound in the foam is therefore made to evaporate, the oxygen is effectively displaced from the flammable material, and the seat of the fire is maximally cooled. The kinetic energy of the compressed air foam and the reduction of surface tension by the added foam compound ensure that the water can penetrate deep into the flammable material and the extinguishing effect is optimized.

High safety against back-burning
The compressed air foam adhering to the flammable material creates an effective separating layer that shields the flammable material from the ambient air. The oxygen supply to the seat of the fire is interrupted and a high degree of safety against back-burning is achieved. In addition, the foam continuously emits water and generates sustained cooling.

Visible extinguishing success
When fighting a fire with compressed air foam, the extinguishing success is immediately visible. If the white foam on flammable material and hot surfaces disappears again, the temperature is still too high and it must be extinguished again. As soon as it no longer evaporates and starts to remain visible, the nozzle operator can concentrate on other areas.

Optimal adhesion
Due to its fine and homogeneous foam structure, compressed air foam has particularly good adhesion, both on horizontal and vertical surfaces, as well as on different materials such as metal, stone, and wood. The excellent adhesion helps not only in firefighting, but also in the preventative protection of objects at risk of fire.

Excellent throw ranges
Due to the high energy content, excellent throw ranges of 12 to 16 m are achieved with compressed air foam, depending on the extinguisher. Firefighting can therefore be carried out very efficiently with a large safety distance from the burning object, even in inaccessible places. It is also easier to reach elevated operational areas from the ground.

Operation-optimized design

Easy handling, instantly ready for operation
The RFC POLY extinguishing systems are ready for operation in two easy steps. By opening the compressed air bottle valve, water is mixed with the foam compound, which is in a separate cartridge and thus retains its quality for a long time, to become a premix solution. By actuating the nozzle, the water/foam compound mixture in the mixing chamber is actively foamed into compressed air foam, and extinguishing work can begin immediately.

Energy-independent due to compressed air
The extinguishers work with compressed air as their energy source. They require neither power nor a mechanical drive, and are therefore extremely reliable in operation. Moreover, they produce neither noise nor exhaust fumes and are extremely easy to maintain.

Compact, ergonomic design
The RFC POLY extinguishing systems are robustly and compactly designed. The mobile devices are equipped with ergonomic handles, making them easy to manipulate and transport with protective gloves. Due to their compactness, the SKID modules are ideally suited for mounting on smaller fire trucks.

Rapid refilling
After an operation, the pressure relief device is actuated via a specially installed overflow line, and the two tanks are refilled via easily accessible quick connect couplings. Filling can be undertaken simply by means of a garden hose, which is connected to the quick-release coupling using an adapter. The foam compound is measured in a separate measuring cup and filled in via a connectable funnel; the pressure cylinder is simply replaced.

Different foam qualities
All Class A and Class B foam compounds as well as fluorine-free foam concentrates with different viscosities and concentrations (0.5%, 1.0%, 3.0%) can be used in RFC POLY extinguishing systems. In addition, different foam qualities can be produced, and it is possible to switch from wet to dry foam and back during extinguishing operations. The changeover is performed by simply actuating a rotary knob, which can even be operated when wearing gloves.