Power generators

Powerful. Safe. Reliable.

Operational safety, long running time and simple handling of all operating elements are among the most important requirements of a power generator. Rosenbauer guarantees a long service life for all models with specialized protection devices and much more. The portable power generators fulfill all DIN 14685-1 requirements and are therefore perfectly suited for firefighting operations.

Impresses with

  • FireCAN interface
  • Operational safety
  • Long running time
  • Simple handling


Power generators in the 14 kVA class.


RS 9

Power generator in 5-DIN frame - Rosenbauer

9 kVA in the 5-DIN frame


Areas of application

Power generators provide the power for a number of technical equipment in the vehicle during firefighting operations. The most important consumers during operation:

  • Submersible pumps
  • Rescue equipment
  • Cooling fans
  • Lighting equipment

The portable power generators in the 8 or 5-DIN frame can be removed from the vehicle. Therefore, they are not attached to the vehicle - in comparison to built-in generators.

Rosenbauer power generators are also suitable for small-scale emergency power supply (e.g. a few households). In cases of large disaster operations, such as for example floods, the power generator can be placed and used directly at ground zero.

Highest output

The RTE PX 14 Basic, RTE PX 14 Super Silent and RS 9 power generators are among the most powerful power generators in their class. In their framework, they deliver the highest possible output. Developed for high operating temperatures and optimized for reliable operations, even in hot climates.


Rosenbauer power generators are tailored to the typical operation of firefighting consumers. Flawless operation is also possible for consumers with difficult starting characteristics.


The following ensure the highest performance:

  • Reliable motor (Briggs & Stratton, Vanguard, Cooler Cleaner) with high-quality stainless steel exhaust system for low-noise and lifelong operation
  • Extremely powerful synchronous generator for high starting currents
  • Automatic choke for the best starting characteristics under all conditions
  • Powerful low-maintenance batteries


Rosenbauer power generators are equipped with numerous practical features:

  • Practical and tried and tested manual starting device: The power generator can be started with or without a defective battery in case of emergency
  • Easily accessible circuit breakers
  • Low weight thanks to the impact resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic housing
  • Ergonomic, isolated carrying handles
  • Easy integration into the vehicle electronics.
  • Remote monitoring incl. automatic choke
  • Attractive design

Safe refueling

RTE PX 14 series power generators set new safety standards. Numerous functions ensure the highest possible safety when refueling a power generator:

  • Low-lying tank
  • Ergonomically positioned, large tank filler hole
  • Ventilated safety fuel cap
  • Tank protected in high-strength aluminum carrying tub
  • Much lower thermal load
  • Visual and audio warnings

Simple operation

The RTE PX 14 Basic, RTE PX 14 Super Silent and RS 9 power generators are equipped with a user-friendly control panel. This enables intuitive and simple operation. The arrangement of all control elements on the front ensures the best overview. Timely visual and acoustic warning notifications in the event of malfunctions provide additional operational safety.