Rosenbauer: a strong pillar of service

As a leading manufacturer of firefighting technology, Rosenbauer is known worldwide for outstanding quality, reliable systems, and optimum customer service. The right service package is put together according to your wishes - from recurring maintenance to complete fleet management.


The fact that customers all over the world rely on Rosenbauer is not only due to the quality and pioneering technology of its vehicles and equipment. Customized service and optimum maintenance also ensure operational safety and reliability in the long term.


Depending on the customer's wishes, there are several attractive service options that can be used. From simple, annually recurring maintenance (Service PLUS) and a warranty extension (RB Top warranty) to the complete all-round carefree package, the ALL IN Service. These packages are used for vehicle fleets all over the world, and new service contracts have recently been concluded with some customers in the Middle East, for example.

A driving force for the Middle East

The Rosenbauer branch in Saudi Arabia plays a central role in this region. From here, a local team of more than 40 employees manages 30 service contracts for airport, industrial, and municipal customers. This makes Rosenbauer a driving force for the entire region.

Saudi Arabia

Following the positive cooperation in recent years, a 10-year contract was recently signed between Rosenbauer and King Fahd International Airport Damamm. In future, the entire fleet of Rosenbauer and third-party vehicles will therefore be serviced by the Rosenbauer crew. Three service technicians and a workshop manager will be permanently on site for this reason, and staff will be increased as needed. The Service PRO package also includes all repairs that may be required, with the necessary spare parts being offered as required. In addition, Rosenbauer supports the airport operator with regular reports on the condition of the vehicles and recommendations as to what should definitely be repaired. However, the final decision is of course up to the customer.


Another example of successful cooperation is the New Doha International Airport in the Emirate of Quatar. Also in this case, the contract running from 2013-2018 was extended by five years to 2023. The Rosenbauer service technicians will now have a bit more work to do: the fleet was also expanded by five new vehicles.


The busiest international hub in the world, in Dubai, also relies on Rosenbauer's comprehensive service. At Dubai International (DXB) and Dubai-World Central (DWC) there will be all-round support for the entire vehicle fleet from January 2019. Not only will a workshop be set up under Rosenbauer's supervision and a local team be permanently on site, but mobile service will also be offered. For this purpose, a separate service VAN is stationed at each of the two airports. A framework agreement was also concluded for future vehicle deliveries over the next five years. A new Rosenbauer branch in Dubai has also been set up to ensure that customers in this vibrant region can continue to receive the best possible support.


Both the renewal of existing service contracts and the conclusion of numerous new ones show that Rosenbauer is a reliable partner for customers all over the world. Customized service offers provide optimum support and thus guarantee equipment availability and maximum safety - entirely in line with the wishes of the customers.