December 2, 2015

New: Rosenbauer Calendar 2016

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150 Years of Innovation and Growth

The 2016 calendar is all about the 150th anniversary of the company. It takes the viewer on a journey through time and shows product milestones from 150 years of Rosenbauer's history of fire fighting. The drive to continuously improve products and services has resulted in a broad product range that represents the trends of today's fire departments worldwide. Many of today's key products had their origin as early as the beginning of the company itself.

The calendar depicts the beginning of this series of products in chronological order, one for each month of the year. It is evident how innovative strength and a permanent drive to fuel continuous development has resulted in modern and complex fire fighting trucks, devices, and equipment. After 150 years, this is what has made Rosenbauer what it is today - the world's leading technology and service company in the fire fighting industry.


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