Electronically controlled turret

Thanks to its compact design, the electronically controlled RM25C turret is ideally suited as a bumper turret, but also a roof turret for airport, industrial and municipal vehicles.

Versions as water and foam turrets of up to 2,500 l/min or dry powder turret of up to 40 kg/s are optional.

Impresses with

  • High flow rate
  • Suitability for various extinguishing agents
  • Excellent throw range
  • Best foam quality
  • Compact dimensions

High flow rate

  • Standard: Up to 2,500 l/min at 10 bar water or water-foam compound mixture
  • Maximum: Up to 3,000 l/min at 10 bar water or water-foam compound mixture
  • Up to 40 kg/s as dry powder turret

Suitability for various extinguishing agents

  • Water
  • Water-foam compound mixture (non-foamy)
  • CAFS
  • Foam, with foam pipe (foamy)
  • Powder

Excellent throw range

  • approx. 70 m with water
  • approx. 50 m with foam (depending on foam quality)

Best foam quality

The RM25 turret meets all the requirements of NFPA 414

Compact dimensions

Due to its optimized shape and small height, the RM25 is ideally suited as a roof turret and also as bumper turret due to its small width.

Easy and intuitive control

ONE-HAND-OPERATION: all turret functions can be activated directly on the joystick/control handle.


SPEED PROPORTIONAL CONTROL: movement of the joystick specifies the speed the turret movement.


FEEDBACK CONTROL: turret position always matches the position of the control handle. Programmable attack and starting positions.

Automatic oscillating function

A completely automated turret operation is possible with the oscillating function. The turret traces a rectangle, the size and position of which are freely definable.

Technical data

  • Rotation range: standard 270°, max. 330°
  • Swivel range: -17° to + 70° (max. + 80°)
  • Absolute position detection via potentiometer