First LF 20 in CL: compact and powerful

The Hofheim fire department in the German state of Hesse had a wide range of applications that demanded extensive equipment of the new 20 (LF 20) group firefighting vehicle. The deployment area, including the narrow old town, also made it necessary to keep the new vehicle as compact as possible. The solution: the first LF 20 of the "Compact Line" from Rosenbauer.


"We were tasked with procuring a compact yet powerful LF 20," says Jörg Daniel, Fire Chief of the Hofheim am Taunus fire department. That meant that, along with considering all applicable standards, special attention had to be given to the dimensions. Rosenbauer's technicians didn't just meet the objective, they exceeded the specifications: The LF 20 is compact, maneuverable, and even equipped with additional standard equipment.


The new vehicle is built on a MAN TGL 12.250 BL chassis with a wheelbase of 3.9 meters. The short wheelbase ensures a tight turning radius, and thanks to the relatively low width of 2.35 meters the LF 20 even has enough space in narrow old town alleys. The compact dimensions are naturally practical for these purposes - but the required equipment should also have some space. This is where the large capacity superstructure of Rosenbauer's Compact Line with its tried and tested sandwich construction, the easily accessible equipment compartments and the sophisticated loading options play to their strengths.


Maximum flexibility and loading volume

The superstructure guarantees maximum flexibility for an enormous loading volume. Quick access to all equipment is provided by the electrical locking mechanism, which runs throughout the entire equipment compartment. The subframe integrated in the sandwich floor ensures particularly low loading heights, as well as the deep compartments in front of and behind the rear axle. The well thought-out loading system of the vehicle ensures that no flaps or extendable steps are required to reach the necessary equipment. Wherever it makes sense, useful removal devices such as swinging walls in the equipment compartments help.


The new LF 20 of the Hofheim fire department not only makes use of the space inside, but also on the equipment compartments. Suction hoses are stored in the COMFORT roofbox, there is also a 4-part scaling ladder, and a 3-part extension ladder on the roof. The latter can be easily removed from the ground thanks to manual ladder lowering. 


Proven extinguishing technology and practical additional equipment

Even in terms of extinguishing technology, the LF 20 did not have to make any compromises: The N25 centrifugal firefighting pump delivers 2,000 l at 10 bar and can be controlled via a clear display. The 2,000 l water and the 200 l foam tank provide the basic supply of extinguishing agents at the operational scene. This can be delivered via four B-pressure outlets or a normal pressure hose reel with a 50 meter hose. In addition, the LF 20 is also equipped with a limber hose reel in the rear. There is room for a 14 kVA generator as well as a wet vacuum or a jump rescuer. The entire lighting system, including the pneumatic and electrically rotatable and swiveling FLEXILIGHT light mast, was implemented in LEDs.


The Hofheim fire department is more than just satisfied with the new fire-fighting group vehicle: "We handle around 400 operations per year in our area - from traffic accidents on the freeway to residential fires in the old town. With the LF 20 we can easily reach all operational locations, it impresses with its intuitive operation and the practical and fast removal of the equipment," says Jörg DANIEL, Fire Chief." Thanks to Rosenbauer, it was possible to implement our specifications with regard to compact size without compromising on the equipment."