Teamwork with suppliers

Cooperation with the best and most innovative suppliers is of vital importance to the business success of the Rosenbauer Group.  Rosenbauer intends to continue to captivate its customers with new ideas, products and services of the highest qualitative and technical standard. However, the needs of the fire services are continually changing and this demands a constant readiness to introduce innovations for the operative area. Accordingly, efficient and reliable suppliers and partners are of major significance in this connection.  

Together with its suppliers and partners, Rosenbauer works constantly on the ongoing improvement of its products and services. The basis for shared success is provided by the employment of new technologies, innovative ideas and a powerful awareness of costs.  The aim of Rosenbauer’s sourcing policy is to secure availability at the most favorable expense possible, while at the same time monitoring inventory volumes. As a global group, wherever feasible, Rosenbauer seeks to combine business area and location requirements and to utilize international purchasing markets.

In view of the rapid growth in sourcing volumes, the punctual supply of production constitutes a special challenge. Owing to the wide range of purchased components, the quality of the supplier base is a critical factor for success. Consequently, Rosenbauer evaluates and selects its suppliers with appropriate care. Moreover, the Group has a deliberate policy of working with its suppliers in close partnership. The aim of international supplier development is the increased supplementation of our own in-company know-how with the expertise, creativity and experience of our suppliers and partners. Strategies for the optimization of teamwork, improvements in the logistics chain and the fulfillment of environmental protection requirements are prepared jointly and may even extend to the development of innovative product solutions. 

It can be clearly stated that Rosenbauer’s success is highly dependent upon cooperation with its suppliers and partners. Rosenbauer both uses the opportunities provided by the global purchasing markets, but never fails to live up to its social responsibilities. These include constant adherence to national and international laws, respect for ethical values and sustainable conduct. In line with this approach, Rosenbauer expects that its suppliers and partners and their employees will also act in an equally responsible manner.

Every supplier who wants to work with Rosenbauer must first go through a two-stage application process. Among other things, general company data, the product portfolio and important certificates are queried and evaluated.

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Sourcing policy cornerstones

  • We pool our global requirements and tap into the international sourcing markets.
  • Internally, we work on an inter-business area and inter-country basis with the respective specialist departments, in order to achieve the best possible combination of functionality, delivery conditions, punctuality of supply and prices in line with the market. 
  • We involve our suppliers in development processes at an early stage and work with them on innovative product solutions and competitive conditions.
  • We operate intensive supplier management and support our suppliers with the improvement of their processes and services.
  • We work jointly on the ongoing improvement of procedures and the entire sourcing process.
  • We place our trust in our suppliers and expect fair, long-term cooperation. This means that our partners collaborate with us in the identification and realization of cost reduction potential.
  • As an ISO-certified company, during the selection of products to be purchased and the choice of packaging and transport, as far as material content, recyclability and disposability are concerned, we apply our quality, environmental and safety policy directives, and our environmental management.