November 8, 2013

FIRE MAX 3 in use with the Felixdorf volunteer fire department

Delivery of 25 protective jackets and protective pants

After the acquisition of the first protective jackets in 1997 some years ago, the Felixdorf volunteer fire department decided to modernize in 2013 the protective equipment that their emergency crews wear.


Equipping every single member with their own personal protective equipment of the best quality was the highest priority for the Felixdorf fire department. Thus, after an extensive testing period and comparisons of the different products, Rosenbauer's FIRE MAX 3 was chosen. The first 25 kits, consisting of protective jackets and protective pants, were delivered in September 2013. Since then, the new protective suits have already proven themselves in a number of incidents, including a roof fire. The positive upshot from Felixdorf's fire department: a complete switchover of the operational clothing to the FIRE MAX 3 is already being planned.