Aerial ladders

Operational quality at the highest level.

At Rosenbauer, every new development and product advancement is based directly on the practical needs of our customers. We react directly to specific changes in operational conditions. Usability for fire fighters is always our main focus. This is one of the reasons why fire departments all over the world rely on Rosenbauer.


Regardless of whether narrow streets, next to parked cars, or in dense urban parks – the scenes where aerial ladder vehicles are deployed differ just as much as the requirements for live loads and functionality. To provide rescuers access to previously unreachable scenes, Rosenbauer's engineers have prioritized flexible set-up options and a compact action radius.

Impresses with:

  • Safety and reliability
  • Best quality
  • Robustness
  • Sophisticated functinality
  • Innovation and cutting-edge technology
  • Intuitive operation
  • Attractive design

Comitted to technological leadership


A tradition of innovation and professionalism.

Rosenbauer is the only full-range supplier for fire protection and firefighting worldwide. But for our committed team, this is no reason to rest easy. Innovative power and expert knowledge have made Rosenbauer the technological leader in the industry. We are committed to remaining at the cutting edge of development to implement the best possible solutions in the future. Our competence as the technology leader and our motivation as a pioneer ensure the highest possible safety and quality. Both today and in the future.


Metz Technology: Implemented by Rosenbauer

Rosenbauer aerial ladders include technology from Metz, a specialist in the field of aerial rescue. As an integral part of Rosenbauer, Metz is growing into a respected technology brand and a symbol of quality in aerial rescue.

Rosenbauer XS 3.0. Get closer than ever before

Parked cars, lush urban greenery, narrow streets: aerial ladders are deployed in increasingly tight quarters. The answer to this is the Rosenbauer XS 3.0. It makes the setup range of the turntable ladder much more flexible and reach range has been increased by another 1.5 meters over the XS 2.0. With a single-person load, it can now reach up to 23.2 meters. This accomplishment was made possible by optimizing the ladder itself and using a new, lighter rescue cage. The compact action radius of the XS 3.0 provides firefighters access to previously unreachable scenes, even under the tightest conditions.


Because safety comes first - the XS 3.0 stands for:

  • Maximum safety and performance
  • An even greater working range
  • Optimized rescue cage
  • New safety function

Rosenbauer multifunctional vehicles


Perfectly equipped for every need. The benefits of everything from a single source

Rosenbauer develops and builds custom multifunctional vehicles upon request. As the only full-range supplier worldwide, Rosenbauer has immediate access to all major components and is ideally placed to integrate them into a cohesive whole. Chassis, superstructure, and extinguishing technologies come together in one integrated concept. Flawless implementation is assured through standardized processes, mature workflows in production, and an experienced production team. This approach has proven successful in adapting individual vehicles to customer requirements and special missions. Take the popular aerial ladder: it is available with just a small booster water pump and minimal equipment or can also be fully equipped to serve as a first attack vehicle.


First attack vehicles

When there's no time to choose between fire fighting and rescue

Aerial ladders that are outfitted for the first attack role optimize performance in rescue, extinguishing, and assistance missions. Ready for just about anything, these vehicles can be individually equipped with extra pumps, tanks, crew cabs, rapid intervention hose reels, and a variety of technical options, including hydraulic rescue tools. All first attack­ components are fabricated from a single source and guarantee the highest quality and reliability.

The highly developed rescue cage

In the middle of it all.

The rescue cage is the front line for fire fighters. By continuously improving over many years, Rosenbauer has succeeded in executing a completely new functional concept for the rescue cage. The HR-500 MF rescue cage has enough room for up to five people and now - for the first time - it can even accommodate a wheelchair with the aerial ladder. As if that were not enough, we have also improved all other major functions. We went from top to bottom with a fine-toothed comb, adapted each function to the needs of rescue operations, and integrated everything into the aerial ladder system better than ever before.


Rescue with wheelchairs
The accommodation of wheelchairs in aerial ladder rescue cages is a new feature. A special attachment in the cage floor makes it easy to accommodate, anchor, and securely transport a wheelchair. Once on the ground, the person can be safely pushed out of the rescue cage without leaving the wheelchair.


Four access points
Emergency crews can access the cage from any side, as the situation demands. The ladder set is accessed comfortably and safely via the rear entry point. For unimpeded entry, the cage control panel can be folded to the side. This creates three entry points on the front side of the cage.


Stable stretchers
The stretcher is attached in the center of the cage floor. This increases stability and prevents the cage from tipping sideways. The patient is easily accessible for both firefighters in the cage and can be treated and even given artificial respiration at any time.

Swiveling control panel
The control panel is positioned on the left side. As a result, the operator at the main control panel has the firefighter in the basket in full view at all times. At the same time, the middle of the cage is kept free for safe entry and exit.

High quality ladder set


Stability and safety go hand in hand.

Proven box nodes design

This patented design distributes forces evenly across the top and bottom belts. This increases torsional stiffness of the entire ladder set.

Highest processing quality

Each ladder set is fabricated with high-strength, fine-grained steel and powder coating. The hermetically sealed welded joint reliably protects the inside of the ladder set against corrosion. The results: Absolute robustness and long-term dependability!

Numerous rescue options

The exceptional stability of the ladder set makes it possible to lift, swivel, and lower loads. Depending on size, the ladders can move up to 4,000 kg at an elevation angle of 60°. Ladders can even be used as a bridge to rescue large numbers of people. Up to 15 persons can descend at once, depending on the ladder type.


Optimum grip and high step-through width

The ladder set is characterized by its high step-through width and optimized grip. Thanks to the large rung gap, the ladder set can be climbed safely even when the rungs are directly over each other.


Comfort option: active hydraulic vibration damping

Rosenbauer aerial ladders are highly stable and often do not require supplemental damping. This is particularly beneficial if the motor is shut down when rescuing a person from a window, for example. Nevertheless, Rosenbauer does offer active hydraulic vibration damping as an option.


Highly developed rescue lift

The new rescue lift's outstanding characteristics give it a 50% higher rescue rate. The spacious lift has enough space for up to three people. Ergonomic handles close the gap to the cage, greatly increasing safety when moving from the cage to the lift. Finally, the side egress point on the turntable makes it easy to exit safely from the lift to the ground in any position. When space permits, lift rails can extend to the ground level for even greater ease during entry and exit.



Well-lit body module


Modular design keeps important things in view.

Safe, ergonomic, and robust. These factors characterize the aerial ladder's body module and provide the perfect starting point for all tactical decisions during the operation.


Bright scene lighting

An LED strip runs the complete length of the body and ensures optimum visibility even in bad light. It is securely integrated into the vehicle and completely and evenly illuminates the immediate area without glare.


Illuminated top surface

Another securely integrated LED strip around the top surface of the body ensures complete and even illumination. Thanks to these lights, the entire top surface remains fully illuminated at night, during poor weather conditions, and other times of limited visibility.


Safety-optimized access.

Additional LED strips illuminate the access points, including steps and rails. This makes the steps themselves as safe as possible. Gripping options themselves have also been ergonomically improved, thus making it even easier to operate.

The turntable


Greater inclination for stable leveling.

Performance or compact turntable - Rosenbauer custom solutions adapt to any need.


Customized solutions for every mission

Rosenbauer offers the turntable in two different versions. The Performance turntable delivers the greatest possible outreach, while the Compact turntable offers outstanding maneuverability even in very narrow city streets. Our development team set their sights high with the goal of developing a vehicle that needs only a bit more space than the truck itself.


Automatic leveling system

Rosenbauer aerial ladders have automatic terrain leveling capabilities. So the ladder set stays in the horizontal position up to an inclination angle of 10° in the longitudinal or transverse direction. Automatic leveling switches on whenever the aerial ladder starts up.


Expanded leveling system

In extreme situations, automatic leveling may not be enough. Integrated outriggers expand leveling capabilities up to an inclination angle of 14°. This makes Rosenbauer aerial ladders ready for even extreme conditions. Uneven terrain can be compensated safely and reliably.

Outriggers - unwavering stability for safety.


Stabilizing vertical-horizontal outriggers

Every Rosenbauer aerial ladder is equipped with a hydraulic vertical-horizontal jacking system for stability. All support movements in the horizontal and vertical direction are continuously controllable within the maximum support range.


Narrow operational situations

The jacking system in the contour makes it is possible to extend the telescopic boom by the full extension length and rotate 360° even in narrow 3 m operational situations.


Jacking system adaptable to the terrain

Obstacles can be crossed without difficulty with the outrigger. Rosenbauer aerial ladders achieve optimal stability even on uneven surfaces, because each jack adapts individually to the qualities of the terrain or street.


Extreme operational variability

The variable jacking system allows the aerial ladder to be extended to such a height that it is able to swivel over obstacles with the overhang of the turret, thus making operations below ground possible thanks to the ladder's inclination angle up to ­22°.

The new L27A-XSC

When things get cramped

The newly developed L27A-XSC turntable ladder with 5-section ladder set including a tiltable cage boom is impressive with its short design. This means that operations in even the tightest of spaces are no problem. The flexible set-up and compact operating radius allow access to any scene of the emergency. The newly developed turntable ladder, certified in accordance with EN 14043, is also impressive in terms of live load and safety.



  • Basket: The HR 500MF basket can accommodate up to 5 people or carry a live load of 500 kg. The multifunctional column can be removed if necessary.
  • Ladder set: The stable, loadable 5-piece XS ladder set functions according to the patented XS principle. This results in the smallest possible radius of action.
  • Pivot mounting: The compact pivot mounting has minimal overhang, which makes is highly suitable for use in tight spaces.
  • Chassis: Short and agile. With an overall chassis length of only 9110 mm, optimum maneuverability is guaranteed.
  • Podium: Safe, ergonomic, robust - the HM-L Podium aluminum in sheet metal design provides a clear view of the essentials.
  • LED strips: Continuous LED strips provide optimum illumination both on the deck surface and around the vehicle.
  • Jack: The stabilizing vertical-horizontal support ensures stability in every situation, offering a support range of 2.50 m to 4.80 m.