Engine-pump units 

Engine-pump trailer N110

The engine pump unit SPA100 is equipped with a N110 pump with an output of up to 10,000 l/min. The necessary output is also ensured at temperatures up to 50°C using a Volvodiesel engine. It is operated via the Rosenbauer LCS 2.0 operation panel.

The suction and pressure hoses are stored on the trailer, protected from the sun and other environmental influences. Sufficient space is also available for additional equipment.

Impresses with

  • Powerful Rosenbauer pump
  • High efficiency with low power consumption and low fuel consumption
  • Fuel tank for approx. 4 h continuous duty
  • Simple handling and operation

User-friendly design

  • Separate arrangement of suction inlets and discharge outlets
  • Suction connections (3 x Storz 150 resp. 3 x 6") in the rear in order to be able to drive up close to the body of water
  • Pressure outlets (3 or 4 pieces each) arranged on the left and right side - for the best accessibility
  • Operation from the side of the trailer using the Rosenbauer LCS 2.0 operation panel
  • The hoses and tools stored on the trailer protected from influence of the wheater
  • Automatic priming for easy suction of the pump unit
  • Surrounding field illumination for the best lighting, even in poor visibility or at night

Standard version:

  • Pump N110 is made out of light alloy
  • Pipework is made out of light alloy and galvanized steel
  • Aluminum bodywork

Trailer including diesel tank

  • Tandem trailer with 7,500 kg permissible total weight
  • Braked with air brake system
  • Height-adjustable tow bar with DIN towing eye.
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Two jacks on the rear end
  • Multi-point lighting system according to EU-KFG; 24V, 7-pin plug
  • 300 liter diesel tank for 4 hours of continuous duty

Powerful diesel engine

  • Volvo diesel engine TAD 1382 VE - meets emissions legislation EU level V
  • Or Volvo diesel engine TAD 1372 VE - meets emissions legislation US EPA Nonroad Tier 4f
  • Or Volvo diesel engine TAD 1352 VE - meets emissions legislation EU level III A and US EPA Nonroad Tier 3
  • 6-cylinder series-motor
  • Wattage: 315 kW at 1,900 RPM
  • Cubic capacity: 12,780 cm³ 
  • Bore/stroke: 131/158 mm 


  • Pump in gunmetal version, pipework made of stainless steel
  • Additionally, each has a Storz A pressure outlet (4") on the left and right side
  • FOAMATIC E automatic around-the-pump foam proportioning system with 3 proportioning rates (1 %, 3 %, 6 % or 8 %) or stepless
  • Different coupling systems available (Storz, BSS, NH, ...)
  • Battery charger


  • Meets emissions legislation EU level V - Volvo TAD 1382 VE
  • Meets emissions legislation US EPA Nonroad Tier 4f - Volvo 1372 873 VE
  • Meets emissions legislation EU Stufe III A and US EPA Nonroad Tier 3 - Volvo TAD 1352 VE