The COMPACT CAFS 200-1200 in the variants I and II is a comprehensively certified compressed air foam system for integration in fire-fighting vehicles. Due to the individual configurability and compact design it can be optimally adapted to the fire-fighting strategies and vehicle sided requirements. In addition, it impresses with an intuitive one-button operation, an on and off switchable compressor, an adjust-able pump pressure and full-fledged CAFS outlets.

Impresses with

  • Powerful CAFS firefighting equipment
  • Ease of use
  • Safe application

Individual configurability

  • Normal pressure pump N25, N35, N45 and N55 or combined normal and high pressure pump NH25, NH35, NH45 and NH55
  • Around the pump foam proportioning system FIXMIX 2.0 (Variant I) or direct injection foam proportioning system DIGIMATIC 42 (Variant II)
  • Classification DLS 200 to DLS 1200 defined by the number and the flow rate of the CAFS proportioning chambers
  • Connection of the pump unit to the chassis via CAN-BUS or hardwired

Compact design

  • On the normal pressure pump mounted around the pump foam proportioning system FIXMIX 2.0 (Variant I)
  • In the pump unit integrated belt-driven compressor and integrated CAFS proportioning chambers (Variant I and II)

Comprehensively certified

  • Certification for fire-fighting in the field of electrical installations (Variant I and II)
  • Approval according to the European standard and the international standard for compressed air foam systems EN 16327 and ISO 7076-6 (Variant II)

Intuitive one-button operation

  • Activation of the completely shutdown CAFS system with a single button press

On and off switchable compressor

  • Compressor only runs in CAFS operation
  • Automatic shutdown of the compressor in case of imminent overheating without interruption of the water flow

Adjustable pump pressure

  • Varying the pump pressure between 5 bar and 10 bar depending on the required hose length and throw range

Full-fledged CAFS outlets

  • Use of CAFS outlets for operation with water or water-foam mixture