Thermal imaging cameras

More perspective. Always. Everywhere.

Firefighting operations are no longer conceivable without thermal imaging cameras. They convert heat radiation of objects and people into a visible image. The areas of application of thermal imaging cameras are manifold and range from searching for people to determining sources of fire.

Impresses with

  • Compact dimensions
  • Low weight
  • Easy to use

Helmet-mounted C1 camera

Clear view. Free hands.




Fully automated thermal imaging camera - Rosenbauer

Small, light, high resolution


FLIR thermal imaging cameras


For an overview at the scene of an emergency


Various usage possibilities

A Rosenbauer thermal camera provides multi-faceted support in firefighting operations:

  • Clear view through thick smoke and darkness
  • Rapid detection of fire sources
  • Rapid location of accident casualties in search and rescue operations
  • Quick orientation at the scene of the emergency in case of zero visibility
  • Better safety and mobility of emergency crews