The glove for technical rescue operations 

Maximum wearing comfort with optimum grip

The new GLOROS T1 was specially developed for use in technical rescue operations. Certified according to EN 388, it offers the best protective properties against mechanical dangers like punctures, cuts, and abrasions, etc. Whether it's work on vehicles involved in accidents or other fire fighting activities - the GLOROS T1 is the right glove for your protection. But the gloves do not protect against chemical, electrostatic, and thermal hazards. Specifically, this glove is not intended for use in fire operations (our proven SAFE GRIP 3 models are available for this). However, GLOROS T1 offers a certain basic protection against contact heat up to 250 °C (according to EN407).

Impresses with

  • High wear comfort and tactility
  • Excellent cut resistance
  • Optimal slip resistance and grip security


Thoroughly thought through. For comprehensive safety.

Thanks to its special construction and sophisticated design details (moving finger folds, intermittent silicone coating on the palm, neoprene inserts on the knuckles, etc.) the GLOROS T1 ensures maximum wearing comfort and touch sensitivity. The special silicone coating on the palm ensures an optimal grip on wet and smooth surfaces.

The cut-resistant insert made of KEVLAR® completely envelops the fingers, providing "all-round cut protection" (not just in the palm area!).

The elastic band on the wrist serves for protection against glass splinters and dirt penetrating inside the glove.



  • Black mixed fabric of elastane and polyamide with silicone print for excellent grip on smooth and wet surfaces

Back of the hand

  • Made of red mixed nylon fabric with elastane and neoprene over the knuckles


  • Cut-resistant KEVLAR® with

Performance levels in accordance with EN 388 and EN 407

The GLOROS T1 firefighting glove meets all requirements of fhe guidelines EN 388:2016 and EN 407:2020 contact heat Level 2 (up to 250 °


Abrasion resistanceEN 3884
Cut resistanceEN 3885
Tear resistanceEN 3884
Puncture resistanceEN 3883
Cut resistanceEN ISO 13997D
DexterityEN 4205
Contact heatEN 4072


The performance levels were confirmed after 25 wash cycles (40 °C).


Note: These gloves offer no protection against bacterial, chemical, electrical, or thermal hazards.

Technical data

Sizes6 to 13
ColorRed with black inserts
Lengthapprox. 27 cm
Weight0.2 kg