Waste sorting plants

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Safe operation. Reliable technology.

All types of household packaging waste is stored and sorted for further processing in the Remondis waste sorting plant in Bochum. These materials subsequently leave the plant as recycled products.


Find more information on this page about the Remondis stationary extinguishing system.

Impresses with

  • Detecting fires before they break out
  • Seamless monitoring of large areas
  • Precise, automatic extinguishing
  • Great throw ranges
  • Excellent extinguishing performance thanks to CAFS
"The main reason why we decided on a fire extinguishing system by Rosenbauer, more than anything else, was that we wanted to sustainably protect the assets that we have established here at the sorting plant. The intent was to mitigate the latent fire risk that we will always have here to te extent we can fight a fire before it breaks out. The solution we found for this is the fully-automated fire extinguishing system by Rosenbauer in combination with infrared detection by Orglmeister. Establishing total protection for all of the risk areas at our sorting plant certainly sets new standards in the recycling industry."
Bernd Hoffmann Plant Manager Bochum subsidiary
Remondis AG & Co. KG

Initial situation

The delivered waste poses a high risk, as it is highly flammable and represents a high fire load. If the material ignites spontaneously, a fire could destroy the expensive sorting facility, lead to long production downtimes and harm the environment.

Protection of the delivery and storage areas

Perfect protection for complex requirements

The PYROsmart early fire detection system from Orglmeister scans the entire delivery and storage hall around the clock and creates a panoramic thermographic image of it. It is able to distinguish between combustible areas (like hot spots) and hot objects that are not dangerous, such as truck tailpipes for instance.

The detection is still reliable even if the area is filled with thick smoke. If a hot-spot is detected, the camera automatically sends a signal with the coordinates of the affected area to the Rosenbauer turret extinguishing system.

The turret, which is installed on the hall ceiling, can then fight the fire in a targeted and precise way. Throw ranges of up to 60 m guarantee reaching combustible material safely over the length of the entire hall.

Customized solutions

The combination of infrared early fire detection and CAFS extinguishing technology secures the ongoing production process at Remondis.

  • Detecting fires before they berak out
  • Seamless monitoring of large areas
  • Precise extinguishing
  • Long-lasting and low-maintenance components
  • System can be extended for bigger areas

Protection of the conveyor belts and the shredder

From the storage area the material is conveyed to a shredder. During the shredding process explosions can occur in the shredder whereby flammable materials can enter the sorting plant via a conveyor belt and cause damage to the expensive equipment.

This is why the PYROsmart infrared system monitors the material on the conveyor belt. If an incipient stage fire is detected, CAFS is automatically distributed on the materials and belt via special spray cone nozzles . The automatic POLY CAFS extinguishing system is completely autonomous - without the need for external energy or pumps.

Extinguishing systems to protect conveyor belts and shredders

  • Trigger: automatically by PYROsmart infrared detection
  • Extinguishing system: 2 x POLY CAFS SL200
  • Self-sufficient POLY extinguishing system
  • Ejection equipment: Special CAFS spray cone nozzles
  • Extinguishing agent: CAFS (compressed air foam)


Remondis is the world's leading specialist in the area of water and waste recycling management. In more than 500 branches and holdings across three continents, Remondis takes care of all steps of the value creation chain - from acquisition and preparation right through to the utilization and disposal of waste.

High quality raw materials, persuasive premium products or environmentally friendly energy sources are produced from waste. Remondis invests a lot in research and development in order to implement new products through the use of modern treatment technologies. They managed to establish closed ccircuits for an increasing numbers of materials and thereby protect the environment. Up to 500 t of light packaging waste are sorted and processed daily in the plant in Bochum, Germany.