Additional equipment products

An extensive and comprehensive range of products

Besides Rosenbauer's own products, the range of equipment includes a large selection of other products. Whatever the operation, you'll find the right equipment here. In the spirit of a complete range such as Rosenbauer.

Impresses with

  • Leading technology
  • Best quality
  • Wide product range

Alarms and warning devices

Firefighting tools for alarms - Rosenbauer

Rosenbauer alarm and warning devices for 100% reliability.


Electrical equipment

Electrical fire fighter tools - Rosenbauer

Lighting equipment, cable reels and other electrical equipment devices.


Rescue operations

Firefighter tools for rescue - Rosenbauer

For rescue operations: hydraulic rescue equipment, lifting cushions and air-tight cushions, pulley blocks, hand tools, etc.


Wildland fire pump set and other equipment

For operation in forest and wildland fires


Fittings, couplings, proportioners

Technical equipment firefighting - Rosenbauer

Couplings, fittings, proportioners, distributors and adapters.


Firefighting devices

Firefighting gear in action - Rosenbauer

Firefighting devices and extinguishing agents to fight incipient fires.


Sanitary and rescue equipment

Firefighting gear for extreme situations - Rosenbauer

Everything for first aid: stretchers, rescue sets, sanitation equipment, fall protection systems.