MT Industrial

Modular Technology 

Maximum individuality. Customized, powerful.

With the vehicles of the Modular Technology product line, no challenge is too big. Rosenbauer's modular design enables unparalleled flexibility thanks to maximum customization as well as suitable performance at all times.


Thanks to our many years of experience with modular designs combined with the fact that we produce all modules and firefighting equipment in our own production halls, Rosenbauer is able to not only guarantee perfectly functioning systems of the highest quality, but also systems that are continuously developed through the integration of the latest technologies. For maximum performance and absolute reliability in operation. And that's over the entire service life.

Impresses with

  • High degree of flexibility
  • Individually coordinated, powerful extinguishing components
  • Robust lightweight construction
  • Efficiency in scene of the emergency
  • Flexible design of individual modules

Powerful industrial use.

The demands on industrial fire departments are enormous: To protect people, the environment and property in challenging environments such as the petroleum processing and pharmaceutical industries, firefighting vehicles that meet the special requirements of complex chemical processes and achieve the necessary high extinguishing performance are needed. The MT product line offers a high degree of specialization and extinguishing capacity for fire protection in the industrial sector.


The universal MT tank firefighting vehicles are mainly used for fighting fires in the heavy industry and oil industry sectors, but also in many other branches of the chemical industry. Often large amounts of water, or even multiple foam tanks (to be able to add the correct agent for the burning material) are required.

In order to apply a large amount of extinguishing agent in a short period of time, powerful pumping systems, efficient proportioning systems, and large-sized turrets are needed.

  • Maximum output quantities of up to 18,000 l/min
  • Maximum throw ranges of up to 120 m
  • Continuous duty for hours
  • Integration of dedicated industrial extinguishing systems

Modular body concept

MT fire fighting truck bodies are modular in design. Depending on the wishes of the customer, the vehicle can be individualized by combining a variety of components for varying requirements.

  • Fabrication of customized solutions: With its modular body concept, the MT model range offers maximum individuality. The body modules are separately fabricated according to the requirements and desires of the customer, including all firefighting equipment and piping, and then fully assembled. The individual modules then only need to be positioned and attached onto the chassis.
  • Positioning the first module: In the first step of assembly, the pump box module is positioned on the very rear of the chassis. To accomplish this, a subframe with flexible support for the body components is mounted on the chassis, to which the first module is then anchored.
  • Positioning all body modules: Over the course of fabrication, the additional body components, such as the HRET module, tank module or tool box and foam proportioning system module are integrated into the new vehicle.
  • Fixation of the modules: Once all modules are in position, they are aligned on the frame, bolted together, and installed. All electrical and mechanical interfaces are then connected.
  • The HRET module: The stinger high reach extendable turret (HRET) is a  boom developed by Rosenbauer with long reach and an extremely large range of motion. If the customer desires this to be part of the MT system, it is positioned, fitted, and attached as soon as all modules are bolted down.
  • The result: Upon completion of Rosenbauer's modern fabrication, the client will receive his individual MT model range emergency vehicle, specially built to meet their needs and requirements.

Firefighting Equipment

The extinguishing systems prove their value with pump outputs of up to 10,000 l/min, which in feed-in mode can be increased to up to 14,000 l/min. Individual foam proportioning rates can be set continuously using industrial foam proportioning systems with outputs of up to 700 l/min of foam compound. The systems impress with their user-friendliness and low need for maintenance. Optional roof turrets with an output of up to 15,000 l/min achieve a throw range of up to 120 m. Additional extinguishing components with powder (with a capacity of up to 3,000 kg) or CO2 contents are also optionally available.


Rosenbauer MT industrial vehicles offer

  • Highly developed Rosenbauer extinguishing systems
  • Flexible design for the individual needs of industrial fire departments
  • Special customized solutions
  • Pump systems with outputs of up to 14,000 l/min in feed-in mode, industrial proportioning systems, and optional compressed air foam systems (CAFS).