Hydraulic platforms

Intuitive. Fast. Reliable.

Rosenbauer hydraulic platforms are offered on different chassis for maximum performance and reliability. These durable, high-tech products, regardless of the model, fulfill all requirements of standard EN 1777 or NFPA 1901 and achieve working heights of 32 to 62 m. Practical drive and guide elements reduce downtimes of the devices. High-quality materials and a perfect design make the telescopic boom set an outstanding component for aerial rescue. And the unique stability concept guarantees safe operation at all times and in all positions.

Impresses with

  • Safety and reliability
  • Highest quality
  • Sophisticated functionality
  • Intuitive operation

Strong performance in urban areas

Aerial rescue for any situation

Rosenbauer hydraulic platforms offer the highest level of safety and reliability. Many years of experience in the field have resulted in innovative products tailored to a variety of rescue operations - whether in small towns or major world cities. Therefore, Rosenbauer also offers many height classes in a variety of designs to be best equipped for any situation.

Thanks to rapid movement times, these compact platforms have become an indispensable tool for fire fighting, technical assistance, and rescue operations – for communal fire departments across the world.

European and international industrial vehicles

Industrial vehicles for Europe - customized concepts for emergencies

Rosenbauer's outstanding competence and experience is also evident in their industrial vehicles, tried and tested throughout Europe. Rosenbauer offers vehicle solutions specially adapted to customer requirements and delivers all components from a single source – regardless of whether truck-mounted pumps with maximum performance, intuitive operation, efficient foam proportioning, or high volume water­, foam,­ or dry powder tanks.


Even with European axle load restrictions, the hydraulic platforms leave plenty of weight reserves for equipping these vehicles with maximum pump systems and extinguishing agent tanks.

Industrial vehicles for international operations - the perfect combination of fire fighting and rescue

The hydraulic platforms were specially developed for factory fire departments and for fighting large fires. They allow for rapid assistance in any emergency situation. Thanks to development know-­how that goes into every individual vehicle, Rosenbauer guarantees a perfect combination of firefighting equipment and platform technology.


With pump volumes of up to 15,000 l/min combined with an output of up to 6,000 l/min in the rescue cage, these internationally deployed aerial rescue devices can handle any challenge.


T-REX - aerial rescue North America

A giant is conquering North America

The T-Rex model offers reliable high performance for technical assistance, rescue operations, and firefighting in the North American market and anywhere the American fire department standard NFPA 1901 applies. The CAN­-bus control system of the European hydraulic platforms combines with the performance requirements of the NFPA­ standard to make Rosenbauer aerial platforms unique. Rosenbauer has produced its own vehicle chassis for this purpose. The Commander, with its twin cab, is customized for the North American market and can be completely adapted to the needs of the customer.

The highly developed rescue cage

Sophisticated down to the smallest detail

The cage of a Rosenbauer hydraulic platform is best suited to the needs of modern rescue operations. Functionality and efficiency are its highest priorities. The many helpful functions that make Rosenbauer rescue cages so unique are harmoniously combined and make tasks even more ergonomic and efficient. It is not without reason that our sophisticated rescue cage has been proven the world over.


Robust design
The highly developed rescue cage consists of a durable, robust aluminum construction and is manufactured size- and weight optimized. Depending on the version, there is space for up to six people.


Three entry points
For genuine comfort in the rescue cage there are three upright entry points. Its unique front entry point leaves plenty of room to accommodate a wheelchair user in the cage without any hindrance.


Rotating cage
The cage of Rosenbauer aerial platforms swivels 45° to the left and right, regardless of whether or not rescue ladders are installed on the telescopic boom. Thus, precise and individual positioning in relation to the object is achieved.


Swiveling stretcher support
Three different stretcher supports bear a live load of up to 300 kg, thus ensuring flexible accommodations – from simple folding stretchers to heavy duty carriers.


Folding platform
The platform, which bears a live load of 200 kg, can be folded down. This greatly increases the usable area in the cage, which makes it easier to enter buildings, accommodate wheelchairs, and load heavy duty carriers.


Flexible equipment options
Numerous additional equipment options make the Rosenbauer rescue cage a true multi-talent. The cage can be equipped with rescue winches, diving ladders, fresh air risers, cooling fan storage, rescue hoses, camera systems, fall protection systems and much more.

The telescopic boom

The high art of engineering for safe operations

The telescopic boom plays a critical role in rescue operations. Thanks to modern construction methods, the hydraulic platforms are equipped with practical, durable, and outstanding telescopic boom sets. High-strength steel paired with a perfect design ensures safe operations and also ease the burden on fire department workshops, thus improving availability for daily operations.

The bogie

The greatest stability with a small footprint

Highly developed bogies are characterized not only by above-average stability and durability, but also minimum overhang with maximum performance. Thanks to the most modern technology and best material use, they guarantee the best possible balance, even at sharp inclinations. In doing so, they satisfy the requirements for an optimal operation.

The body

Stable body with a clear view of the essentials

The body of the hydraulic platforms ensures the best conditions for safe operations. The body is optimally illuminated and offers excellent visibility, even in poor light conditions. The lighting is securely integrated, weather-proof, and illuminates the full top surface of the body as well as the immediate area around the vehicle without any glare effect. The entry points of the aerial platform are equipped with ergonomic and optimally designed handles. So emergency crews can concentrate on what's important, namely a safe operation.

The jacking system

Unwavering stability equals safety

The intelligent Metz Technology support concept provides Rosenbauer aerials with an optimal and safe footing.


In addition to the high stability of the ladder and telescopic boom, above all the unwavering hydraulic vertical-horizontal jacking systems offer optimal safety. After lifting the vehicle, four clearly defined support points provide a statically fixed and direct ground contact in all operating situations. All four jacks support the weight of the vehicle and the rear axle acts as the counter weight. Good visibility prevents stumbling blocks. Obstacles can easily be driven over. All support movements in the horizontal and vertical direction are continuously controllable within the maximum support range.

Operating philosophy

Acting intuitively with a focus on what's important

Rosenbauer hydraulic platforms are adapted for rapid, everyday use and are characterized by easy, intuitive operation. The only way to guarantee safety and reliability in an emergency – from the start of the operation all the way to successful firefighting or rescue.