Company objective

of Rosenbauer

 The company objective is:

  1. The factory-based production and maintenance (including training) of fire service and fire extinguishing equipment of all types and in particular, fire service vehicles, pumps and accessories, human rescue and technical assistance vehicles and equipment, motorized and automatic pumps and other safety technology equipment and systems, technically related and disposal equipment, preventive environmental protection equipment, consoles and metal goods;
  2. factory-based mechanical services (including vehicle electronics and mechanics);
  3. the exercise of commercial activities pursuant to §103 subsec. 1 clause b (25) of the Austrian Commercial Trading Act and in particular trading with fire service equipment of all types, including uniforms, stationary and mobile fire extinguishing devices and vehicles, safety, rescue, disposal and environmental protection articles and systems, technical commodities, sanitation articles, rubber goods, sports and sports fashion articles;
  4. trading with pyrotechnic articles;
  5. the provision of consulting and services of all types in the areas listed subsequently listed under a) to d) above.
  6. the allocation of licenses for products and services listed under a) to d);
  7. the provision of automatic data processing and computer technology services.