Special vehicles

Vehicle concepts for high demands

The variety of customer requests has made Rosenbauer an expert of special vehicles in the firefighting sector. The know-how of firefighting experts and close cooperation with customers allows the implementation of highly complex solutions.


The vehicle concepts range from smallest firefighting vehicles on motorbikes, quads, and tunnel extingushing vehicles right through to the heaviest tow trucks on four axle chassis.

Impresses with

  • Reliability in operation
  • High level of safety in accordance with ISO certification
  • Best possible crew safety
  • Customized customer solutions
  • Worldwide service

Tugging winch recovery vehicle

The tugging winch recovery vehicle from Rosenbauer is a reliable partner when it comes to towing and recovering heavy loads. Tugging winch recovery vehicles from Rosenbauer can transfer items with a loading crane or clear operation sites, for example, after an accident. A crane behind the cab performs lifting and lowering tasks. Trucks can be towed over long distances using the integrated towing device of this heavy rescue truck.

2-way vehicle

The 2-way vehicle on a 3-axle chassis is suitable for the street and rails and can be placed onto rails without its own ramp and in close quarters. It can transport the complete equipment for a tunnel vehicle (up to 4,500 kg) and can also derail and tow rail vehicles as needed.


The Rosenbauer FANERGY XL63S with its 2,500 N axial thrust offers high performance for large-scale emergencies. The body may be mounted on a swap body frame, on a vehicle, or on a two-axle trailer that is braked with compressed air. The tunnel fan can be rotated and swiveled and can, therefore, be flexibly adapted to the fire department‘s operating situation.


Where other multi-track fire fighting trucks can no longer penetrate, quads from Rosenbauer can venture directly to the operation site. With two models, the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) POLY QUAD SL100 CAFS with POLY CAFS fire fighting equipment and the UHPS ATV on a Polaris Ranger 6x6 chassis, Rosenbauer offers performance in the smallest space for a variety of requirements.


With the flexible Osiras system, fire departments can extinguish, rescue, transport, or protect. The modular body concept for series vehicles consists of three parts: the fixed tool boxes mounted on the vehicle, an extinguishing system tank module in its own frame, and a swap body, which can be transported on any pickup regardless of the carrier vehicle.

Mining Vehicles

In mining disasters, every second counts. Rosenbauer has developed mining vehicles in order to bring emergency crews and equipment safely to the scene both on the surface and underground.


For more than ten years, Rosenbauer has produced its own chassis for the most successful ARFF vehicle  worldwide, the PANTHER. Even the American market has its own chassis now, with two axle versions and an engine with up to 600 hp for vehicles between 14 and 36 tons of total weight: the Commander. It is the safe foundation for the municipal US fire fighting truck from Rosenbauer.

BUFFALO extreme

Wherever fire fighting water is required, but no hydrants or other sources of water are to be found, the BUFFALO extreme from Rosenbauer is the ideal solution. Whether in desert regions, vast oil refineries, or on difficult terrain – its tank brings enough water to the scene. Smaller fire fighting vehicles are quickly and reliably supplied and, in case of their failure, the BUFFALO extreme can also directly perform extinguishing tasks.

Logistics Vehicles

Regardless of where the fire fighting equipment is being deployed for fire protection and disaster control, logistics vehicles from Rosenbauer will transport you to any place in the world, even to crisis areas. Nearly every vehicle is equipped with a tail lift in order to provide stowing via roll-on/roll-off containers.
Depending on the scene, the vehicle is also equipped with a small pump and small water tank.

Respiratory protection vehicles

The respiratory protection vehicle from Rosenbauer, along with its equipment, makes continuous operation possible for fire fighters at the scene. This is possible because the power generator and breathing air compressors refill the fire fighters‘ SCBAs. A vehicle loaded with heavy SCBAs and reserve bottles thus makes a huge impact on large technical rescue and fire fighting operations as well as diving operations.