RDF power station

Spreerecycling reference object 

Fight the fire precisely

About 750 tonnes of processed commercial and municipal waste is delivered to the RDF power plant of Spreerecycling daily. It is stored in four 32 m high fuel bunkers before it is burnt and converted into energy. The power produced from this is then fed into the grid and the steam is supplied to the neighboring paper factory.


Find more information about Spreerecycling power station's stationary RDF power plant extinguishing system on this page.

Impresses with

  • Precise extinguishing agent application
  • Automatic orientation of the turret to the source of fire
  • Throw ranges of up to 65 m

Initial situation

Fires can ignite in the fuel bunkers due to the interaction of different stored materials. A fire can cause damage to the plant and cause downtime with large production losses for the company. In order to prevent this and to effectively protect the plant, a stationary extinguishing system was installed. At the heart of this system are six Rosenbauer water turrets in combination with an infrared system for earliest fire detection.

Extinguishing system

Perfect protection for complex requirements

The infrared system from the specialist Orglmeister scans the bunkers around the clock. If an incipient stage fire or a temperature increase is detected within the stored materials, the system sends the coordinates of the hot-spot to the turret extinguishing system. The turret then automatically moves out of its protective housing and aligns itself to the hot spot. From his cab the crane driver has a good view of what happens in the entire bunker and can decide whether to extinguish or not. The extinguishing process can also be performed fully automatic if so desired.

Pinpoint precision

The turrets can be easily operated by remote control and reach all areas of the four fuel bunkers with a throw range of up to 65 m. The RPC Turret RM15C is optimally suited for tight installation requirements thanks to its compact design. To protect against damage and dust, the turrets in Spreerecycling's power plant are additionally covered by a protective housing.

Spreerecycling power station

Spreerecycling is a subsidiary of the Rieger Papierfabrik Spremberg in Hamburg, and part of the Prinzhorn group. It was founded in 2003 and has about 50 employees.