Large mobile fans


Maximum thrust. Fastest ventilation.

Large mobile fans for fire fighting are used for the ventilation and venting of tunnel systems or large volume buildings and in the event of fire can purge smoke and heat by means of positive pressure as quickly as possible.


A large fan of Rosenbauer is designed as an axial fan with curved blades and guide vanes and made for maximum thrust. Depending on the operational tactics, flows can be built up, increased and even reversed.

Impresses with

  • High thrust (1,000 N or 2,500 N)
  • Reliable
  • Simple operation
  • Flexibility of setup on trailer, swap body or vehicles


Large fan in operation - Rosenbauer


Large fans for fire fighting - Rosenbauer


Large mobile fan on trailer - Rosenbauer


  • Smoke and heat build-up prevent rapid advancement of fire crews.
  • The spread of smoke is influenced by natural flows and stationary ventilation systems.
  • Existing tunnel ventilation systems are not adequate for larger fire loads.

Rosenbauer has performed simulations of fire scenarios in cooperation with the Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics at the Graz University of Technology and determined the following parameters for the construction of the fans:

  • Dimensioning
  • Spread of smoke and temperature build-up

Layout of the fan

  • The axial thrust (force of the escaping air) is the decisive value for the dimensioning of the fan.
  • The available engine output should be transferred to the fan with as little loss as possible.
  • Millimeter accurate positioning of the fan is not necessary.
  • Even with unfortunate placement, more than 90% of the fan output is always effective.

Practical testing

The large mobile fan of the FANERGY XL series was tested in both a real fire test, as well as in various tunnel systems for practicality and operational capability.

  • Detailed measurements in a real fire test in conjunction with the University of Technology Graz confirmed the calculation results.
  • The operational capability and efficiency of the large mobile fans for fire fighting was proven in the tunnel measurements.
  • The FANERGY XL also allows the diversion of strong existing flows.

Forced ventilation in tunnel

  • In the event of a fire in a tunnel, flue gases and heat build-up present a large risk. On the one hand they endanger people stuck in the tunnel, on the other hand emergency crews are prevented from advancing to the scene of the accident.
  • The spread of the gases is significantly influenced by flows, caused by the chimney effect, as well as effects of the weather and weather conditions.
  • The use of a mobile FANERGY XL fan largely allows emergency crews a risk-free advancement to the scene of the accident with "the wind at their backs".

Forced ventilation in buildings

  • With the mobile FANERGY XL fan emergency crews have powerful devices available to them for the ventilation of large buildings.
  • With the use of positive pressure ventilation the smoke extraction is accelerated and thus safety increased for the emergency crews.
  • The smoke escapes to the outside via open windows or doors or targeted via fire smoke extractors. This means better visibility and thus faster and safer arriving on the scene.
  • The danger from smoke ignition is reduced.