RTE RC Profile
Rolling container

Rolling container for every operation

Special devices and equipment are needed for different operations. It’s vital that they are delivered to where they are needed as quickly and safely as possible. This is why Rosenbauer manufacture rolling container systems that not only fit into all standard vehicles, but also employ a range of smart solutions to make the work of the emergency services as easy as possible.

Impresses with

  • Convenience
  • Versatility
  • Resilience
  • Security

Wide scope for customization

A RTE RC Profile rolling container from Rosenbauer can be individually customized to meet every need. Floor space is kept to standardized EU pallet dimensions of 1.2 x 0.8 meters, and special dimensions are also possible. It is not just the versatility of Rosenbauer's rolling container that benefits emergency services worldwide, not their enormous load-bearing capacity or high-quality standards – it is the unique technical solutions that ensure the RTE RC Profile is an unparalleled safe and convenient deployment tool.

Stable, robust and load bearing

Rolling container are made from anodized extruded aluminum profiles that are joined together using special interlocking connectors to form a positive fit. These are inserted into the profile pieces and then screwed to them. The result is outstanding stability and durability. They can be used to transport up to 700 kg total weight safely on rollers at ground level, or air-borne using lifting lugs.

Powerful brakes to hold up to 700 kg of weight

All Rosenbauer rolling container are fitted as standard with high-quality dead man's brakes: When the handle bar is released, the container comes to a quick and automatic stop. Containers are fitted with either stainless steel cone brakes or drum brakes. The braking system is positioned within the basic dimensions for both types; since there are no protruding parts, maneuvering is much easier. Because safety is clearly a top priority, four braked castors are required for a total weight of 450 kg or more.

2 or 4 swivel castors

Rosenbauer rolling container are fitted with either two swivel castors and two fixed castors, or with four swivel castors. The brakes are applied via the steering rollers, which can be customized with either 2 or 4 rollers. The tread of the wheels is made from particularly hard-wearing polyurethane to ensure that the castors are not flattened.

Off-road rollers

Thanks to the elastic solid rubber material and the elaborate tread of the wheels, the new off-road rollers for the RTE RC Profile MEC are ideal for unpaved ground. Thanks to the continuous web in the middle, the Rosenbauer-designed roller also proves its worth on slippery surfaces. The well thought-out stud dimensions prevent dirt and stones from being picked up, which significantly reduces soiling of the vehicle.

The robust off-road rollers are equipped with internal, maintenance-free drum brakes as standard, which means that weather conditions have no impact on the braking performance.


"Off-road roller" data sheet


Single bar operation

Simply press down on the orange handle bar to gently set the Rosenbauer rolling container in motion. Low resistance translates into minimal operating effort: the single-rod mechanism allows it to be operated comfortably and effortlessly without the need to splay your hand. When the handle bar is released, it automatically folds upwards into the carcass and the RTE RC Profile comes to a halt.

Chamfered profiles

The extruded profiles of RTE RC Profile rolling container all feature a distinct chamfer. By no longer having any 90° edges on the outside, maneuvering in confined spaces (e.g. in vehicles) becomes easier and containers can be very quickly stowed away. In addition, the risk of injury is significantly reduced.

LED lighting for optimal visibility

Rosenbauer rolling container can be fitted with LED lighting on request. Every movement is secure, even in the poor lighting conditions of the equipment room. In addition, floor floodlights clearly illuminate any unevenness or obstacles in your path. The lighting units are integrated in the profiles with diffusing lenses to guarantee dazzle-free lights. A replaceable battery operates the energy-saving LED strips.

Custom options and ready-made solutions

RTE RC Profile rolling container are available in different size and weight categories, as well as different brake and castor configurations and different body designs. Rolling container can therefore be individually equipped as required.

The following are available as an optional extra with the RTE RC Profile:

  • Shelves, cover plate and aluminum grid walls
  • Forklift skids
  • Lifting lugs
  • Towing eyes for cable winch loading
  • Locking device to keep swivel castors running in a straight line
  • LED lighting
  • Corner connector caps

Perfect ready-made solutions

In addition to fully customized rolling containers and a choice of equipment features for standard models, Rosenbauer also offers ready-made comprehensive solutions for specific applications.

These include:

This allows for optimal storage and transport of the equipment required in specific operational situations. As a system provider, Rosenbauer can of course outfit these containers with equipment and technical components directly, as it does with all its other rolling containers.