Competence in firefighting equipment

Rosenbauer is the provider of a complete assortment of firefighter equipment. The product palette ranges from personal protection equipment to technical equipment, firefighter accessories and special hazmat equipment. The popular Rosenbauer firefighting equipment catalog is available in a browsable format which makes it great to just look around.

Impresses with

  • Leading technology
  • Highest quality
  • Full product range
Personal protection equipment

Firefighting helmets

Firefighter accessories - Rosenbauer

Hundreds of thousands of HEROS firefighting helmet systems have been sold worldwide.


Protective clothing

Fire fighter equipment & accessories - Rosenbauer

The clothing line ranges from protective suits and suits for rescue operations to operational and functional clothing.


Firefighting gloves

Firefighting equipment for firefighter - Rosenbauer

Rosenbauer has the perfect firefighting glove for any situation.


Protective boots

Firefighter equipment & accessoires - Rosenbauer

Rosenbauer protective boots offer the best support for protection against flames, heat, sharp objects and cold.

Technical equipment

Power generators

Fire fighting equipment manufacturer leading - Rosenbauer

Rosenbauer power generators combine safety, performance and functionality.


Power station

The RTE PS 2 Power Station is an emission-free, handy and mobile energy supplier with battery power.


High performance fans

High performance firefighting equipment - Rosenbauer

The high-performance fans with rechargeable battery, combustion engine or electric motor deliver quick visibility in critical moments.


Submersible pumps

Rosenbauer fire fighting equipment: pumps

NAUTILUS submersible pumps impress with proven Rosenbauer pump technology and easy handling.


Thermal imaging cameras

Firefighter equipment searching for people - Rosenbauer

Thermal imaging cameras are important aids when searching for people and determining the source of a fire.



Firefighting equipment for extinguishing - Rosenbauer

Nozzles with maximum extinguishing effect and minimal water consumption.


LED lighting system

Firefighter accessories for lighting - Rosenbauer

The smart lighting system, easy handling with excellent lighting performance.


HAZMAT and decon equipment

Fire fighter equipment HAZMAT - Rosenbauer

The right solutions for accidents with hazardous substances.

Additional equipment products

Alarm and warning devices

Firefighting equipment for alarms - Rosenbauer

Rosenbauer alarm and warning devices offer 100% reliability.


Fittings, couplings, proportioner

Fire fighting equipment like couplings & fittings - Rosenbauer

The complete product palette of couplings and fittings. Proportioners, distributors and adapters are also found here.


Respiratory and chemical protection, measurement technology

Fire fighting equipment chemical protection - Rosenbauer

In firefighting operations or operations with hazardous materials, the protection of emergency personnel against flue gases and toxic gases and fumes is the highest priority.


Electrical equipment

Fire fighter equipment electrical - Rosenbauer

A wide selection of lighting equipment, cable reels and additional electrical equipment systems.


Firefighting devices, extinguishing agents

Fire fighter equipment to extinguish - Rosenbauer

Firefighting devices and extinguishing agents are very useful, above all, for fighting incipient fires. For quick and easy operation.


Fire station equipment

Firefighting equipment for station - Rosenbauer

The product line ranges from fire department clothing, through to cleaning systems and hose suspension devices.


Gift articles

Firefighter accessoires gifts - Rosenbauer

Fire department plate, pc. Florian statues. Gift items for every fire department occasion.


Sanitary and rescue equipment

Sanitary firefighting equipment - Rosenbauer

Stretchers, rescue sets, sanitation equipment, fall protection systems. Everything you need for First-Aid.



Fire fighter equipment manufacturer for hoses - Rosenbauer

Discharge hoses, high pressure hoses, suctions hoses and related accessories.


Rescue operations

Firefighter equipment for rescue - Rosenbauer

Essential for rescue operations: hydraulic rescue equipment, lifting cushions and air-tight cushions, pulley blocks, hand tools and much more.

Equipment catalog

Online catalog

Fire fighting equipment catalog - Rosenbauer