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They give one hundred percent for that moment. We give back nearly as much.

What we do, we do together.

The Rosenbauer approach: as our employee, you do not work for us, you work with us. What we do, we do together.

Together we go to work every day to achieve our goal of developing products and ideas that help save lives. Each and every employee contributes their potential, knowledge, positive attitude, commitment, and their willingness to help. Together we look after the well-being of the company as the world’s number one, so for Rosenbauer it goes without saying that we also have your best interests at heart.


Our team spirit extends beyond the workplace.

Whether cross-location ski weekends or smaller events, the team simply enjoys being together.

Our team spirit extends beyond the workplace.

Our many sporting and cultural events are always well attended. Whether it’s a skiing weekend or one of our smaller events, our team simply enjoys spending time together. These friendly get-togethers are also a good opportunity to celebrate shared successes and to strengthen our healthy corporate culture and interdepartmental cooperation.

Health and work–life balance.

We are constantly developing measures to protect you and your health.

Health and work–life balance.

Our employees’ health is a top priority for us. That is why we are constantly developing measures to protect you and your well-being. Enhanced health checks, vaccinations, and personal safety equipment and protective equipment are as much a standard feature at Rosenbauer as regular workplace evaluations.

Career advancement and development opportunities


Higher pay than collective bargaining agreements

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Flexible hours

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