Pressure proportioning system 

Universal proportioning for normal and high-pressure use

The AQUAMATIC is a water-driven double piston pump with Venturi proportioners on the outlets. Three different proportioning rates can be individually selected for each outlet. The water drive is self-regulating, so that the necessary foam compound quantity is always provided.

The balanced pressure foam proportioning system is available for both normal as well as for high-pressure use. The double piston pump is available in two sizes.

Impresses with

  • Driven with firefighting water - no additional driving power required
  • Proportioning of multiple outlets individually or simultaneously
  • Simple design and operation - design without electronics possible


The direct-injection foam proportioning system consists of a water-driven double piston pump. No additional drive is required. The double piston pump is driven by the firefighting water and pumps the foam compound to the outlets. The drive water is fed back into the water tank.


Venturi proportioners on all outlets adjust the quantity of foam compound to the corresponding quantity of water. The proportioning rate can be adjusted per proportioner in three proportioning rates .


If a sufficient quantity of foam compound is available, more outlets can also be operated at the same time.


The system has its own foam compound pump that can also be used to fill the foam compound tank after operation.


Depending on the drive water used, the system can be deployed for normal, as well as for high-pressure use (AQUAMATIC24 only).

Technical data

  • Direct-injection foam proportioning system
  • Water-driven double piston pump as foam compound pump
  • Measuring range of water depending on proportioner used (1 1/2": 100 to 400 l/min, 2": 200 to 800 l/min, 3": 600 bis 2,400 l/min)
  • Quantity of foam compound supplied for AQUAMATIC24: 24 l/min (for normal and high-pressure)
  • Quantity of foam compound supplied for AQUAMATIC96: 96 l/min (for normal pressure)
  • 3 proportioning rates per proportioner (0.5%, 1% and 3% for normal pressure, 1%, 3% and 6% for high-pressure)
  • Foam compound tank suction and external foam compound suction possible
  • Foam compound tank filling possible


  • Proportioning in steps: 0.5%, 1% and 3% at normal pressure and 1%, 3% and 6% at high-pressure (HP only with AQUAMATIC24)
  • Minimum proportioning rate: 1 l/min
  • Maximum output: 24 l/min for AQUAMATIC24 and 96 l/min for AQUAMATIC96
  • Adjustment of the proportioning quantities at the outlets using Venturi proportioners
  • Possibility of foam proportioning at high-pressure using AQUAMATIC24



  • Conventional foam attack without additional proportioner
  • Retention of the proportioning rate set, regardless of pressure and flow


  • AQUAMATIC24 with 24 l/min or AQUAMATIC96 with 96 l/min foam compound output
  • Usage of different foam compound sources (2 foam tanks + external suction possible)
  • Foam compound tank filling via the foam compound pump
  • Possible for normal- as well as for high-pressure (with AQUAMATIC24) use
  • Foam pressure outlet
  • Proportioning via manual adjustment per outlet or control of the proportioning rate via the display
  • Different proportioners for the different outlets

Easy operation

  • No priming pump necessary
  • Operation via LCS 2.0 control buttons or LCS 2.0 display similar to pump operation - best implementation in vehicle and pump operation
  • Setting of the proportioning rate either manually directly on the outlet or electro-/pneumatically via the display

Easy to maintain

  • No drive motor for the foam pump
  • No electronics necessary
  • No lubrication points